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  1. Well, Linda I truly needed a laugh tonight! I'm was trying to prepare 4 Halloween quilts ready for quilting. It turned out to be a bigger task than I wanted today and tonight. Yes, I did say Halloween quilts. My family would really be p__p_ _ _ cupcakes and bricks if I had finished these before Halloween. I decided, I'm I not late, just early for the 2012 year.

    Thanks for all of the laughs and comments. I just love this group and so delighted to be a member. Enjoy your Wednesday! CiCi

  2. Cheri

    As a newbie, I quickly learned that this forum is filled with quilters who pray and care for others. I can almost feel your pain and fear. My husband died in 1995 of cancer. I was numb, scared, and full of pain. Yet, I survived. You understand survival after the death of a spouse, but to survive a second time is almost unbelievable. We can give thanks that our Lord and Savior can and will carry you through this most difficult time in your life. I will be praying for you, Elmer and your family. CiCi