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  1. Originally posted by terrijeb

    I want to get into long arm quilting for my personal use. I have several quilt tops that need put together and would like to do it myself. If anyone has a long arm for sale or any suggestions as to which long arm to buy please let me know.



    Terri, I have a 2008 Lenni on a 10 ft. table for sale. The machine makes an excellent stitch and is in very good condition. If interested, I would be happy to send your pictures. thanks, CiCi

  2. Hello to all you cyber quilters out there. I am a new to the APQS forum and was sent this way via SewSoSimple.. You will recognize this quilter as the 'queen' of t- shirt quilts and that beautiful embroidery quilt with the gorgeous hatch stitching. If you remember how delighted she was with the delivery of her new long arm quilter not too long ago. I was equally as happy to have delivery of her precious Ms. Lenni.

    I'm trying lots of new quilting ideas - it like a surprise every day. I am now ready to invest in either Circle Lord or Quiltazoid. I would like to hear your ideas and pros and cons about the two different/similar aids. I know both are popular - what would you buy?

    Are you now using computers to accomplish your fantastic work - any units for sale? Thanks, CiCi