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  1. I am curious as to how most of you baste your quilt top or even if you do. I'm collecting information to share with my New Mexico longarm group next week and would appreciate any input, advice, tips, or worsd of wisom you could share. Do you baste the quilt top only? From the middle to the sides at the top? From side to side? Do you bast the sides of your qult top down or up? Thanks, Beth b.glass@lobo.net
  2. Nice husband! I use curtain rods which I covered to prevent scratching my rollers. In addition, I've been using the Red Edge clamps and they work great! It took some getting used to figuring out how they work but once you do-works great. Kind of spendy though.
  3. I can't find the Quilt Path forum on FB.......can you send me the link or info please? or invite me? I'm Beth Glass It's about as bad as me trying to post a picture on my profile here!
  4. Thanks and I do have the latest version. My hardware should be compatible since I just bought it.
  5. I don't know but will check it out. Thanks!
  6. I'm just learning my Quilt Path and the one big issue is that it "times me out" and goes back to the very beginning so I have to start all over and reload the program. This happens when I've left for only minutes. Is there a way to bypass this or change the time so it is longer before shutting me down? This is very frustrating. Beth
  7. I have a 10 ft. frame and new Quilt Path. Can someone tell me the largest size quilt (width) I can use on my frame? Thanks, Beth
  8. I often wondered about them, but the cost makes me think twice. I can understand being sure about the purchase. It seems to me a micro handle rental service might be the ticket.
  9. Excellent idea! I, too, go back to Dawn's site for reference. The other idea for a class would be how to "ready" your quilt for your longarmer, and then how to square up your quilt! That alone would solve many issues for us. Beth
  10. APQS is the best! You have wonderful products, support, staff, help, training videos, and, and, and, and, and! I learn so much by reading the forum, the blogs, etc. Best of all I love the Christian values and Christ based business.
  11. Love the quilt and buggy barn patterns! Who made her the expert? Quilting rules now days are what you want them to be.
  12. Looks great! I wish I'd know the "pleat" trick before I had a major issue with a quilt. I love the binder clip idea as seen on your picture.
  13. Personally, I wouldn't but whAt does the customer want?
  14. Yikes! Maybe the comma or decimals are in the wrong place. I wonder if she'll get her price........
  15. Always...if I don't I end up with lower back pain. I wear Crocs or flip flops or something with good support.
  16. I use a paper bowl (paper plates) for my threads. I stick it on the top of my machine with painter's tape. I actually keep them by my domestic machine or cutting mat and empty as needed. It takes up very little space and easy to deposit into my larger trash can on the floor. Beth P.S. I was in town yesterday at a quilt shop where she actually has/had her 2 cats. I asked what happened to one of the cats and they had to put her down because she'd eaten thread which wound around her intestines and caused an infection. If this can happen to cats, of which I don't have, it can also happen to dogs, of which I have 2. So, lesson is to always keep our threads out of their reach. AKA Booger (basset) and Ruby's (cattle dog) mom
  17. I'm embarrassed to say I have all the above mentioned. Funny, I just put out an email to sell my accucut. I don't have the space for it and don't use it much anymore. I have a Go which I loan out to friends, which is where it is now. It has its uses at times. I bought it because I happened to be at at QIAD retreat and El was selling them for a price that couldn't be passed up. I now have the Scan and Cut and am just learning to use it. It has a ton of uses! My business partner and I will be taking it to retreats for the girls to use as we do the Go. We have a retreat business so it's fun to share new items, gadgets, and notions. Beth quiltingonthemountain.com
  18. I use cheap sliding curtain rods and put the clamps over them. They work great! Just remember not to lean on them-they bend easily.
  19. Will keep your family in prayer. And to think we have problems sometimes and whine about them.
  20. Mine did the same thing and drove me nuts. Leveling is the number one thing to check. I also took those rubber mat things to keep rugs from slipping and put them between the tubes and table. This seems to help and they won't slip. Hope this helps.
  21. Sharon Schamber has a YouTube video to help visually. I used sew-on velcro on both leaders and then baste the backing of the quilt to the leader with velcro. Then the leader attached to my machine I just attach. I know this sounds confusing, but it works great! I used 3/8" wide velcro. When you remove the backing where basted it pulls right off using a rotary blade.
  22. Here's a tip about quilting minky I heard recently. A veteran quilter said to put painter's tape or masking tape along the edges to prevent it from stretching and will help with the fuzz problem.
  23. I have one I made-actually took ones and copied some and edited etc. Send me your email and I'd be glad to send it to you. I agree, often they don't read it but I always refer them to it if needed. Charity quilts I usually don't mind doing, however, I do charge for customer quilts if I have to repair or do more than a few minutes of work. I always call and let them know ahead of time to give them the option. Sometimes you actually lose time and money on some. I think it goes with the territory.