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  1. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you until now. Yes it’s still for sale. I live in Douglas county about 25 miles below Roseburg. I don’t have any pictures at the moment but can send you some in the next few days. I’ll email them to you. I just have to have my caregiver here to move a chair & a couple tubs of fabric around.
  2. 2010 APQS Millennium Longarm Sewing Machine with lots of extras, $10,000 Barely used because of owner’s disabilities. Has almost all the advanced features except the APQS light rack. Paid $24,000 for this new, not including shipping & setup. Comes with: 12 foot hydraulic lift table on casters, Bliss track system, variable speed needle, stitch regulator, laser light stylus, motorized quilt advance system with foot pedal, vertical and horizontal channel locks, separate turbo bobbin winder, All manuals. Also comes with quite a few extras bought separately including: adjustable micro handles, acrylic base expander with acrylic straight line ruler, approximately 30 full spools of thread along with several partially used spools, 78 MR3.5 needles, set of acrylic circles from 1” to 12”s, & various other small items to go with the machine. You’re responsible for disassembling, pick up, transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs. Manual with complete instructions available since I am unable to help, plus APQS has amazing online instructions. If you have a local APQS dealer near you, they will usually come & set up your machine for you for $500. Email Julie Daniels. Located in Riddle, Douglas County, Southern Oregon
  3. craftyjulz

    Hartley Fence for Sale

    If you still have this available after January 3rd I'd like to buy it. With Christmas coming up I won't have the funds till then. Thank you, Julie