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  1. I am interested in purchasing a long arm within the next year. I have spent the last two years trying them at shows and looking into what options I might want. Currently I do my quilting on a Bernnina. The Bernnina offers a long arm attachment but I am unsure if I want to go that route. • The Bernnina is heavy and don’t want to risk the damage moving from table to machine. • I would like to have two projects going and be able to move from one to the other dependent on my mood. • I also think trying to fit too many options into one product is a little much. Of all the machines I have looked at I liked the Gammill and APQS machines. They seem sturdy and long lasting. My turn off for the Gammill but it’s not out my mind is the extra options such as an MP3 player. This is going back to I want a quilting machine not another “I” product. For the APQS I am unsure of what model I would want… or what would be best. I make large quilts. Often larger then kings. I don’t know why they just grow. But I do make other sizes and want to start putting my stuff into shows as I get older. I also like nontraditional things. I may make a rail fence but I like to embellish and create abstract designs. So I am all over the chart. My next concern is sound. How loud is the machine in the home? If I am up at 2 am will I wake up the rest of the house? I would appreciate some thoughts on all of this. I can be reached at shanrobeson@yahoo.com Thank you in advance.