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  1. I have an entire roll of QD Wool and haven't experienced this problem; I do wash my quilts in washer and toss them in the dryer, but do not dry them fully. I use a mixture of fabrics; but none of mine were totally of the darker, rich colors like yours. I am so sorry you experienced this; and I appreciate you sharing. I will certainly do some testing on my scraps of batting to avoid this on a quilt. I would think QD would put some sort of warning somewhere in all their information about battings.
  2. You chose wisely! A 10' table would seriously "cramp" my quilts; my 12' table does at times! I would rather have cramped space to walk in than cramped space to quilt upon.
  3. I have never wound a bobbin, thin as it is; it would probably be about double the amount of 50wt. I would love to know results if anyone has wound their own!
  4. Is your drag specific toward the leveler bar or does it drag all over? I found mine had more drag toward the leveler bar and raised it a bit to have more clearance and all was well.
  5. I love this thread and originally purchased it for stitch in the ditch; I have used it on fine fabrics, like silk when I don't want the thread to be intense. For bobbins, I have used SuperBobs and also the Classic magnetic bobbins from Hab&Dash (Filtec). It stitches beautifully with both.
  6. I use both zippers and red snappers. On my original leaders is a set of zippers. I use these for long term ptrojects I may want to take on and off. I have created another set of leaders about 8" wide with a zipper on one long side and my snappers on the other for quick projects. If you query old posts you will find a lot of info and pics. If you would like more info I can add pics to this post; I don't have time this morning. Congratulations on your new Lenni!
  7. Your quilt is gorgeous!!!! I love your border treatment. What fun to share in your hobby with your daughter. My Mom and I did, too, she passed several years ago. Now I quilt with my daughters-in law and I have been teaching the grandkids to sew. Good memories. Thank you for taking me back.
  8. Teresa, it's gorgeous. I can't wait to see if finished. Keep us posted!
  9. I don't use my micro handles as often as I thought I would, but when I want more control they are my go to device. I wouldn't give them up; they take a bit of practice; I use them sitting down on my saddle stool. You can advertise here for a used set perhaps someone wants to part with and save some money.
  10. She is sweet!!! Obviously, she stole your heart!!!
  11. Shana, remember this article by Vicki Welsch. Lisa E and I were just talking about this. She just had the same problem. Your quilt is stunning and I llove, love love your flowers! Basket quilts are one of my favorites. Keep us posted.
  12. I think the Perfect Circle can be purchased for regular tables or for a bliss table. Myrna Ficken at would know.
  13. Dell, that is gorgeous! It looks like you used some gold lame' and some pre-printed verses? Your quilting sets off the pattern remarkably. Great job!
  14. Oh Sew Special; love both quilt and quilting. Well done!
  15. It is wonderful!!! Way to go on tackling something you haven't tried before. Your quilting suits it perfectly and I love your binding!
  16. I agree with everyone! What a beautiful heirloom, your quilting choices are gorgeous and make it sing.
  17. OH! That is super sweet!!! I love it and your quilting is marvelous; especially on the ocean floor! Good choices!!!
  18. It's like " Why didn't I think of that! Great idea.
  19. Wow!!! Very beautiful! I hope it is yours to keep!!!
  20. I can't remember the last time I posted a finished quilt photo and I love seeing all of yours. Here is a recent finish; I pieced this quilt over the past two or three years. I found the gorgeous Robyn Pandolph border fabric on sale and bought the rest of the bolt and the one coordinate they had. My heart wanted me to quilt this thing to death; but my logical side said NO! Finish it; it goes on your bed and your dog will sleep on it! At any rate, it is finished and we are enjoying it. I used Quilters Dream Wool Batting and a variety of Glide and Sew Fine threads; quilting is all freehand and