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  1. Thanks, Heidi! I will continue to pray for Rita, her family and medical staff as well! I can't help but think the quilt will give Rita an added boost to make her fight to get well. I am sure she gets great comfort knowing she is not alone!
  2. WHat a cheerful little quilt. Lone it, PattyJo.
  3. Hi, Patty Jo! I remember you and Welcome Back!
  4. Betsy! The quilt is amazing; you did a fabulous job all the way around. Thank you very much for all your hard work. God Bless You!!!
  5. It is stunning, your quilting dresses it up beautifully. Congratulations.
  6. Congratulations Diane! It is fabulous and well deserved.
  7. Another fine finish, Libby! Beautiful job! Do you have a circle maker; your circles are perfect and so are your beautiful feathers.
  8. Betsy, your time and skill are much appreciated! Thank you for making this happen. I can't wait to see it.
  9. My favorites are Glide and Sew Fine 50wt. If I want a sheen, I use Glide; if I don't want any shine, I use Sew Fine. I use pre-wound bobbins exclusively; both from Fil-tech (Glide) and from Superior (Super-Bobs).
  10. They are beautiful; WOW! What treasures. I'll be sure and look for them at UQSM and snap some photos for you.
  11. Vickie, it is exquisite!!! You are an outstanding team!!!
  12. It is going to be very pretty and colorful/cheerful!!! Love them!
  13. I agree with the others! What a specatcular story; and your quilt is beautiful! Both in quilting and design. What a treasure!
  14. Betsy, do not return any cash to me, please. If anything, I would think Rita could use cash.
  15. Yes, Terry! Freight is Expensive; I'll send a few bucks with my block. Great Idea!
  16. I will make a block; or more if needed. I would love to send a hug to Rita.
  17. Very cute bunnies and quilting! Sweet!
  18. Oma, glad you are getting better! My granddaughter received one of those T shirts at Thanksgiving! Whoo Hoo! Another grandson in June. Your T Shirt is darling; I love it!
  19. Beautifully done! Thank you for sharing! Cagey is right; we are our own worst critics.
  20. I've hand appliqued many quilt tops in the vehicle and that keeps me happy when on the road. Here is a pic from Pinterest of a woman sewing in her Ford Pick up on a featherweight!
  21. I agree with Carol, and also, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take plenty of photos of the fullness so if there are questions later, you can show her what you had to contend with. Good Luck!
  22. Linda, I don't quilt for others, but if I did I would certainly charge by the hour. If you are accomplished at SID and using your ruler then it really speed things up. If you are not good at SID; you will be when you are done with a couple quilts. I, for one, would pay for SID because it makes everything neat and tidy with no wobbly seams. It's worth it in the end; and I've already expended a lot of money and, especially time, in piecing the quilt top. If you show examples to your clients they will be more willing to pay for it. Above all, never give your work away! I owned a quilt shop for 1