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  1. You can buy hydraulic lifts and make the system yourself for a lot less money. We purchased my Suspa lifts on eBay and they are identical to the system from APQS. My husband has purchased many hand cranks lifts for his woodworking tables which are very big and heavy; they lift very easily; and those would work on your APQS. PM me if you want some information on how to do it yourself. I raise and lower my frame many times in a single quilting session; I find it to be a very valuable tool. I also use the saddle stool and sitting for fine, detailed work! Then it is lowered almost to the bott
  2. My favorite height is when the front roller lands between my belly button and bosom; I think your frame is too low, also. I am not sure how high the adjustable legs are on the newer frames, but I would think you can raise it several inches and it would be far more comfortable for you.
  3. Zeke, service calls where? On the trip from California to North Carolina? Lisa
  4. I love the definition of SID, but is your client paying you for it? If not, then don't do it. It will look better if you SID the long diagonal seams so the edges next to your feathers are tacked down and not puffy and wobbly.
  5. That is one beautiful quilt! Great job; and congratulations on finishing a large quilt.
  6. I use both Glide and So Fine #50 in both top and bottom and with each other in all combinations with no problems. Superior Threads has a lot of educational information on their website; check them out.
  7. You gals crack me up! I am very blessed my husband has his own addictions to wood working tools, guns and reloading so my addiction purchases go without comment!!!
  8. Praise the Lord! That is wonderful news, Rita. God Bless; you are in our prayers.
  9. I will pray, too, Rita. For your family and the doctors and nurses who will care for you!
  10. I recently quilted a flannel quilt for myself which had pinwheels with a super bulky center intersections. I used my circle maker to create large circles with the center of the pinwheels being the circle center; the circles interlocked and created another secondary design, but avoided the intersection. If I didn't have a circle maker I would have done an all over like Sharon so I could avoid those intersections. Good Luck...........excited to see what you chose to do.
  11. Wow, I would get with APQS for sure. I quilt just for me so my machine might get used once a week for several hours. I would be interested to know what they say.
  12. Have you cleaned your wheels and rails? It is amazing how much oxidation collects and makes "bumps". I use a soft cloth with plain water and mine are 6 years old.
  13. Dell, I love it - especially your green background fabric; it makes it stand out! I would love to see some close up photos of your quilting. WOW. Lisa
  14. Hairspray, too. Might be a good idea to test on a scrap first. Hope you get it removed successfully.
  15. I agree with Mary Beth about Pinterest. Start a folder for quilting designs and pin pics you like in the folder. Later, you can decide what you like about each one - or don't like. Have fun!
  16. Very well done!!! Love your hummingbird, too!
  17. I bought the two low profile feet for my Mille and I use them both. I do a lot of ruler work with the original hopping foot and then for detailed work I use both the open toe "Sneaker" foot and the closed toe "Flip Flop" foot; I like low profile feet for detail work. I did not purchase the Clog foot; and do not miss it. These were a good purchase for me.
  18. I use mine every time I quilt; and usually raise or lower multiple times. If I am doing work on the upper border and the reach is farther I will lower it. When quilting closer to me I'll raise it. I like to sit when doing detail work. I purchased my Suspa Lifts on eBay for considerably less money; my husband made the brackets for the legs using muffler clamps and some bent metal. He also used some birch ply to attach the pump under the table. Suspa also makes a variety of lifts including hand cranks; they work very well, too. My husband uses them on his wood working tables and benches.
  19. Gorgeous! I need to make time to do some more linens. The foam sounds fun to try.
  20. The embroidery looks like a dainty vintage hankie; I would outline the center motifs and the the edge (perhaps on the inside of the gold embroidery so as not to disturb the frilly edge) and then do a medium filler on the background. The simple squares could be done with a pretty template or with grid work and continuous curves. It might be fun to do a feather border echoing the curves in the edge of the embroidery. You may want whatever filler you decide on the embroidery to spill over to the patched block. I would try to keep it vintage looking! What a sweet quilt.
  21. They look awesome; great job! Love my featherweights, too. Wonderful and dependable little work horses.
  22. Fabulous, Lisa E. Can't wait to retreat there! Your big cutting cabinet looks great, too.