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  1. Up and running!! I was able to finish the quilt I was working on, with no problems. Thanks for all the help!!
  2. It's not the brushes. I fiddled with the belt on the back side a little. It ran for a while then slowed down. Played a bit more with turning the belt and let it run again. Single stitch is working fine. Something isn't connecting somewhere.........will put on a practice piece and see what happens.
  3. Ok, well, I took out the brushes, blew it out and replaced the brushes, now I have nothing other than sound. The needle won't go up or down. Do I need new brushes? They are shorter than 1/2" but not by much........ I also found my manual. Yea!
  4. I was quilting along and suddenly it just slowed down. I was using it in SR mode and my stitches started growing. Then when I stopped, I used the one stitch button and it went part way down and stopped . I could hear the motor noise running so I had to turn the flywheel to get it in a position to stop the grind. It runs slow even if I don't have it in SR mode. I have turned it up to the fastest speed and it runs slow. with this funny noise kind of like a loose belt sound under the top cover. And of course I can't locate my manual!!
  5. I opened the side and there is no thread. Everything looks fine inside. The noise appears to be coming from the top of the machine in the center under the top cover. What is this number 8 screw?
  6. My machine (millie) is sounding strange and running slow. I turned it up to the fastest speed and it's a rely running. The single stitch grinds and I have to then the flywheel for it to implement the cyce.
  7. Robieks is joining in on the post, she can answer your questions. Thanks!
  8. My friend has designed a 3 1/2" magnifier that fits onto the handles of your machine. Great for threading needles, SID, tiny intricate quilting etc. It can easily swing out of the way, when not being used. Is this something that you believe would benefit your quilting?
  9. Thanks Dell. I found my manual and took the machine apart. Where the photo shows there should be a fuse in this little round black area......my machine doesn't have the black round thing. It has a square part that has a clear area over what looks like it might be a flat fuse thing. I'm not sure.......but I know it doesn't look like the picture in the manual.
  10. I think I might have blown the fuse? I was quilting and all of a sudden the needle broke, fell out and all the lights went off. I have NOTHING..........the needle has been in there for a while, so it's not like I had just replaced it and didn't have it in tight enough. I was also going fairly slow. Everything was working fine and then all of a sudden the machine stopped. Needle hanging there. Broken end...........,That's it. It's a Millennium.
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