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  1. Love these quilts! I bet there's 2 very happy little girls, that are keeping warm with these beauties.
  2. My sentiments exactly Kay!!With commitments later this year, it means Paducah next year is highly unlikely. But 2016 is looking like a possibility!!
  3. Thank you Lyn!! This has been an amazing topic to read through. The piecing prices per hour are a good reminder not to underprice how much our skills are valued at, should someone request a quilt from start to finish. Thanks Dave-Jane for starting such a good topic. It's certainly helped clear the water for me currently, having just had a request for a commission quilt from start to finish. Unfortunately the photos wouldn't open on my computer, but I bet the quilt that was the subject of this discussion was indeed beautiful.
  4. This is seriously one piece of incredible art!!!! Stunning beyond words and when I read 1/2" squares, it blew my mind! I agree with Darlene, I think if Tom saw it, he'd pay a substantial price to acquire it. Congratulations on such beautiful work.
  5. I want a quilt like that on my bed!! Beautiful quilting Charlotte.
  6. Love that quilting design on these quilts. You've done a beautiful job Kay.
  7. Wow! Your quilting makes this quilt look really amazing!! I love it.
  8. Man,... I'm off the forum for a couple of weeks because I've been way to busy to check in and look what I've nearly missed out on seeing!!!! This quilt is stunningly beautiful Charlotte!!
  9. Both your quilts are beautiful, but your feathers.....mmmmm, I love them!!!!!!
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