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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from Rowena in Butterfly Kisses   
    Love these quilts! I bet there's 2 very happy little girls, that are keeping warm with these beauties.
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from shirlsgirl in How to keep quilt top sides even?   
    Great advice Linda!
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to Neher-in-law5 in She didn't like it   
    I was going to say that she needed a brain transplant if she didn't like that one,  It is so well enhanced.  Great work.
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to ffq-lar in How to keep quilt top sides even?   
    I use those invaluable channel locks to keep seams straight, both horizontal and vertical. Place the edge of the hopping foot at the seam, engage the appropriate lock and push along the seam. Prod and nudge the seam so it's straight and pin it down. This will isolate any fullness within a block where it's easier to deal with and will keep things straight as you advance. I echo the advice to measure the width at several points and make a decision as to which "width" you want to use. The wider parts will need to be squoshed (technical term) so the width fits, and the narrow parts will stand only a small bit of stretch to fit.
    Also, if it ain't square, it ain't square. Another of my mantras. It's not your job to square up an un-square top. You can do what you can, but there isn't a magic wand. Be very conscientious and measure carefully and completely before loading. Write all those dimensions on the intake form if there is a big discrepancy. Only share that information if your customer asks why her "quilt isn't square".
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from LeannM in Star & Points Spinning on a Square   
    Both your quilts are beautiful, but your feathers.....mmmmm, I love them!!!!!!
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to LLA in Looking for a Master Longarm Quilter to finish a portrait quilt   
    Hello, I was suggested to look for a longarm quilter to finish my quilt.This quilt top is my first quilt I've ever made. I wanted to do a photorealistic portrait of Tom Hiddleston (the actor who plays Loki in the Thor movies) so after a year of hard work and lots of cutting I finished it. This quilt measures 100 x 100 inches (king size) and is made up of 40,000 1-inch squares which are 1/2" finished. I used 250+ different fabrics of mostly semi-solids and fine patterns in my palette.

    However, because this is my first quilt, and the piecework is so dense, I have no idea how to finish it. It's difficult to show through photographs, but the quilt is extremely heavy, and stretches under its own weight when held up. It's unstable while unfinished, so it needs some sort of support.

    I've heard suggestions of long-arm quilting, and also not quilting it at all and just stabilizing it and hanging it. Any advice is very welcome.



    If you have any questions about my process, I would be happy to answer them. Although I must warn you, I am self-taught, so I sort of made up words for the terms that everyone else seems to know.
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from Beachside Quilter in Vickie's Winning Quilts   
    Congratulations Vickie.
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from K. Szymaszek in Blue and White Flashing Minnows Quilt   
    Oh boy, that is stunning!!! Your quilting is beautiful!
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from delld in The Quilts by the Sea Quilt Show   
    Congratulations Dell, that's awesome!!
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from WW Quilter in Color bridge quilt   
    Wow, it looks fabulous!
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to Liam in NQR Windows Frozen   
    Wife texts husband on a cold winter’s morning: "Windows frozen, won't open."
    Husband texts back: "Gently pour some lukewarm water over it."
    Wife texts back 5 minutes later: "Computer REALLY screwed up now.”
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to quiltmonkey in Kangaroxies First Gathering for 2014- January 18th.   
    Oh I just had to LOL  when I read "Kangaroxie"  this is TOO FUN!
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from HeidiP in Kangaroxies First Gathering for 2014- January 18th.   
    Hi Everyone,
    Just a reminder, that our first gathering to kick start the new year is on January 18th. For those that aren't on the mail out list, drop me an email and I can give you the particulars of the day.
    As usual, it's shaping up to be another great day!!
    See you all soon.
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to ffq-lar in Vintage Fan   
    Great finish that lets this treasure emerge from the shadows and be loved as it should be! It's wonderful!
    (psst! James! Over here. Let me share a secret about "custom". It'll be just between you and me. Ignore those people over there. Custom is regular quilting. Yep! Just regular old stitching like all of us do. The secret is repetition. Huh? What do you mean, repetition? You master an element. You stitch loops or stippling or curls or CC's. You do that by repetition--I know--duh! Then when you have a smooth line, graceful shapes, and consistent sizes of elements, you repeat them on the quilt top. There's that word again! You can fill a sampler quilt, a fan quilt, a log cabin, whatever---with the same repeated shapes and suddenly it's "custom". You can fill a space with a nice stipple and if you go back and ribbon it--that's custom. You can stitch curls within the same space and a consistent spacing will show beautiful texture---and that's custom. Outlining is custom--and that takes control which comes from (urp) practice. And that comes with repetition. Boring practice will then thrill you with gorgeous stitching. Stitching pantos is great practice for custom. You master smooth curves, staying on the line (think stencils and freehand marking up front) and lets you bond with your machine. You're on your way to "custom" and didn't know it!  )
    Back to our regularly scheduled programming.
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to ffq-lar in Help identifying your quilt   
    A guild-mate shared a story with me. Several years ago she learned at a quilting class that it's a good idea to place your owners info in a hidden spot on your quilts.
    She signs her name and address with indelible ink within the seam allowance of the backer where it will be hidden after the binding is applied. She puts the info near the same corner where she puts the label.
    This holiday she "lost" a quilt off the end of the guest bed and suspected a woman who had accompanied a relative to a holiday get-together. Chilling, huh?
    With some sleuthing with the relative they learned that the quilt was with the "friend" and suspected she might give it to someone for Christmas! Police were called and the "friend" told them her mom had made the quilt and of course the label was removed. While my friend had some "decor" photos of the quilt folded on the bed, she didn't have a full shot. So she told the police where to find her hidden signature. When the police asked the guilty party to show them the area on the quilt, she admitted she stole it. She was charged with theft and was stunned when she learned the market value of the quilt.
    I just thought I'd offered this tip to add to all the label tips recently shared.
    Happy New Year to my APQS family!
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to cherylannie in What will happen to your Stash?   
    I have told my husband not to sell it on a rummage sale.  Let my quilting friends have what they want and donate the rest to the church quilt group or guild charity quilts.  I have also made it perfectly clear that his 2nd wife is not to have it....nor is he allowed to bring her to my funeral.  Cheryl
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to meg in What will happen to your Stash?   
    I'm going to live to be 225 years old and use it all.
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in One more in progress...all without stitch regulation!   
    Valerie, seriously girl your quilting rocks!!
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from Sharonarooni in Chevron baby quilt for Christmas DONE! Whew!   
    That is beautiful and has definitely got lots of wow factor going on!!!
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to RunningThreads in Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob   
    We took the Thread Therapy seminar with Bob a few years ago.  He talked for over an hour straight without mentioning Superior Threads once.  I purchased his DVD a couple of years ago and I think it should be one of the first things in a newbies toolbox.
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to joy tippit in introducing myself   
    Hello all, my name is Joy from cold northern Michigan where warm quilts are a necessity. I have sewn since my teen years and love it. I share quilting passion with 95 year old grandmother. I am married and have two "sons" a cat and a dog. My husband is a woodworker. we have been married almost 26 years very happily. would like to communicate with other quilters
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from K. Szymaszek in All God's Creatures quilt   
    I love your quilting! The background fills and those feathers....... You are one very talented quilter!
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from ffq-lar in Looking for longarmer sympathy   
    Can't wait to see the finished result!! Your special touch Linda, will make the rest of us look at the finished quilt pictures and just wish, for a teeny bit of your amazing skill base.
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    Heritage Keepsakes reacted to Enchanted Quilting in Looking for longarmer sympathy   
    Well, if anyone has a shot at this...it is you, Linda! Be sure to post your outcomes:)
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    Heritage Keepsakes got a reaction from jandcembroidery in Vintage Fan   
    Ooh James, I envy you with this quilt top!!! I just took classes with Linda Taylor at Houston, and one of those classes was different quilting designs on a vintage fan quilt top! If you get the chance to see a photo of it, it may assist you in how you'll be able to treat the "friendliness" in the quilt top you have.
    I can't wait to see what you do with this one.
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