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  1. I did check out other Ultimate I machines for sale, and thought I was in the ball park. One sold for $4,000, but didn't list it's age/date. Another is listed for $5,300, a 1993. I am open to suggestions. I did list it with OBO and will negotiate with anyone who is genuinely interested and lives in my general area or could pick it up.
  2. This is my first attempt at posting something, so please bear with me. I am offering my 1998 Ultimate I for sale. 24 inch arm and quilting space. 10 Foot table. The table is a Millennium Demo table. It is large enough to quilt an extra large queen size quilt. We added industrial wheels for portability. Laser Light for pantographs. Bobbin thread cutter and stand alone bobbin winder This machine is the precursor to the Millennium, but non stitch regulated. It is a work horse, without the bells and whistles. I have had it for three years. It was completely overhauled at the factory
  3. Hi. Does your Millie have stitch regulator? I am not familiar with the newer models. I have a 1998 Ultimate 1, ten foot table, no stitch regulator. I do quilting for my friends mostly, love it. Would like something a little newer with stitch regulator. I am located in NW Wisconsin, 50 miles South of Duluth/Superior. Where are you, exactly? Thanks
  4. I found the I/S videos very helpful. Thanks, Laura.
  5. Thank you to all of you. I am still thinking about this. Now my question is, would it be more reasonable to add the IS to my Ultimate I, for $3500, including installation, or sell mine and get an older Millie for about what I could get for mine plus the cost of the IS if I can find one close by, big if. We live in NW Wisconsin, about 50 miles South of the tip of the finger of Lake Superior and Duluth/Superior. This is my first foray into the forums and I really appreciate the helpfulness of you seasoned folks. Blessings, Joyce
  6. I have a '98 Ultimate I that I really love. However, I would love a stitch regulator. Is there only one after market model and if so, does anyone know how well it works compared to the APQS stitch regulator that comes with the newer models?
  7. Hi, Deloa: Do you still have the Millie for sale and does it have stitch regulator, needle up/down. Are you a dealer and do you take trades? I have a 1998 Ultimate I. I don't need a table, I have a ten foot table, no room for a larger one. Would you sell head only?