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  1. Lisa E, I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes with the 1/4" hopping foot! I think I have the right shaft (picture above) but would double-check before purchasing. If this improves results I'd spring for one. It would be great if this came standard with APQS machines.
  2. Okay, have had some time to work at this: much better success this time around. I loosened my grip and concentrated more on where the stitching was going than on keeping foot flush to the template. Also it made a big difference to attach a suction cup handle- the type you can buy for rotary cutting rulers. I got way better control of the circle template/ruler, at 12" it's heavy and awkward! Of course the thing that helps most- shocking, I know- is practice, practice, practice. Thanks again Gail, your advice was very helpful!
  3. Thanks Gail O, I'll give that a try. The template is 3/8" for sure, maybe a hair more. I'll let you know how it goes when I get a chance to get back at it!
  4. I have an extended base for my Lucey and am using a 12" circle ruler. Everything works fine until I get to the bottom of the motif: at this point the hopping foot is in front of the ruler and I begin to get a wobble in the line. See picture for 2nd attempt; will be unstitching again. It seems the slanted back of the hopping foot is engaging somewhat with the circle ruler when the needle and foot are in the down position. It's the most awkward point of making the circle in terms of moving the machine and holding the ruler plus the ruler wants to get caught by the back of the foot shank.
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