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  1. Love your bright color choices!! Great job!
  2. I do mostly custom. I have some pantos, but am in search of some of your favorite paper pantographs. I have two queen sized thimbleberries quilts coming up, and she doesn't want to spent a lot. Bonus points if they can be done quickly and look great when completed. I know panto's come in different sizes...sometimes they get too big (IMHO), so if you would include the size you like that would be great too. Thanks for sharing!
  3. You are doing it the right way. Muslin and hours of practice!!
  4. Just beautiful!! I love the use of your snowy outdoor light...perfect!
  5. We are the parents of twins (32 now). It is a hoot!! Congrats to all:) BTW, both of our twins are expecting now...one in April and one in June!
  6. I really like a So Fine/Bottom line combo. I get the top and bobbin to match as closely as possible, but many times not exact.
  7. What a treasure...enjoy all of the warm memories!
  8. Great job...I know what you mean by being glad you are finished. Those JN quilts can be a workout!
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