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  1. Looks good, and love the quilting. I just love everyone sharing their talent for the rest of us to admire.
  2. As a veteran myself, this is awesome!! I love the quilting on the eagle. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Then I'm really in trouble, I've missed the past several weeks. Bummer, I had already cleared a space for it.
  4. I'm now doing continues right angles working my way around the block and then left angles in the same manor. The only problem is some heavy backtracking in areas.
  5. WOW!!! My hats off to both of you. Great looking quilt accented with fantastic quilting.
  6. I must have been hallucinating when I watched a video on cross hatching with applique. I could have sworn that the quilter needled up and jumped to the next line of stitching. Well ladies and gents, you can certainly cover a large block pretty quickly, but it takes twice as long to pick it all out.....since the bottom thread didn't hold.
  7. I received an email from them yesterday asking if I wanted to continue contact. They retained all of my old information, except my previous wishlist :-(, but nonetheless I'm logged on.
  8. Thanks. I would think using a design board for something like that would be harder than a guide. I've played with a few of my design boards but since I'm not SR I've got to be real quick on the button.
  9. Holy smokes!! When you do the cross hatching do you do all of the lines in one direction first and then come back across? Do you start and stop each line when you got to the stars? I can't imagine how long that took but it looks fantastic.
  10. LOL never mind, I got concentric. I'm not always the sharpest needle in the cushion....
  11. Crafty, I like it!! I've been trying to create a shelf (spool) and dowl (bobbin) system once my thread selection grows.
  12. Funny....I've watched that show over and over for the past 40+ years and never noticed it.
  13. Keeping in mind that I have never done custom quilting and I'm not very creative, what would look good for these type of blocks? I had thought about doing something with circles and I would consider it a X's & O's thing. It's for my granddaughter so it doesn't have to be elaborate.
  14. I absolutely love civil war reproduction prints; so much that my most recent SBS is in reproduction. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to buy them, everything here in the southwest is southwest lol. 111 blocks? Good grief....I'd be a wreck. Good luck on yours Tori, can't wait to see pictures.