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  1. Thank you all for the suggestions - hopefully I can pull this off. My mind sees it - hopefully my hands will. My friend made this small quilt for her sister-in-law who lives in Hawaii. I can do pantos in my sleep but want to branch out. Thank you all again - this forum is the best.
  2. I have a 1996 Gammill 30" Classic - no stitch reg. - no up & down button - but I have channel locks.
  3. I have a small quilt that the blocks are on point - some have embroidered flowers in the center - some are nine patch - four are just plain solid lite purple fabric. The main background fabric is black. It has a two inch inner border of purple and four inch outer border of black. Sorry could not post a picture. Anyway I would like to quilt leaves in the outer border - scroll in the linner border. SID around the blocks & nine patch - meander around applique - and use stencils in the plain purple blocks. Plus the backing is pale purple. How do you stablize the quilt? Do you baste
  4. Quilts from a friend - quilted the black & pink quilt with the panto "popcorn". Not sure what to do with the black & flower one/pale purple backing. Sorry tried to post picture. Please ignore.
  5. I called the factory - they gave me some pointers - the Gammill group said to re-thread - didnt work. So I am taking it off the machine - try something else - then go back to it later. Thank you for all your replys - this group has so much more information then other groups and the format is user friendly. thanks again
  6. Is there any tricks for longarming on fleece? Just two layers of fleece? Batting? Thread? Needle size? Tension? I am getting skipped stitches. I am having trouble getting my tension correct on my machine in general (on muslin). I have a 1996 Gammill Classic with no bells and whistles.
  7. Check out the yahoo group Sew It's For Sale. My Janome 10000 which I paid $5000. for - 9 years old - was offered $1300. I deceided to keep it.
  8. Nine years ago I purchased the Janome MC10000 and I love it!!!! It is very user friendly - my friend has the MC11000 and love hers. But I think that all the emb. machines are good - it depends on what you like and the support. My friend owned the shop that I purchased mine - ongoing lessons - emb. club and great support.
  9. Donate them to the public library - they resale them - makes money for the library.
  10. I know that it is not the best situation to set ones machine and table in a enclosed patio. But there is no where else to set up. Our weather in the winter - nights 20 degrees - days 40-65 degrees. The head is still on my buffet and the table is still boxed up on the enclosed patio. My husband fell and got hurt so we havent set anything up. Any suggestions?
  11. My 28 year old daughter got the Kindle Fire for Christmas - she loves it!!!!!!! The price is good and no monthly fees. I am thinking about buying one.
  12. Thank you all so very much!!!!! I have been reading this forum for over a year. So many nice people and helpful hints. I have been using a Juki on a old old Handi Quilter frame and have been very limited. About 15 years ago I worked in a friends studio who had a Nolting without a stitch regulator. So now my dream will come true tomorrow.
  13. Did anyone have buyers remorse when they bought their new or used machines? I purchased a used machine and it will be delivered sunday and I hand over a cashiers check. We have so many quilters in our town and it is a very clicky group of quilters - so I probaly will just quilt for myself and a few friends.
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