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  1. For sale is a 2010 Gammill Vision 1.0 longarm quilting machine, 26" harp, 12 foot pivot head table. Estimated less than 800 hours of quilting, it comes with the following: under-mounted camera, upgraded stainless steel wheels and Breeze track system, casters, three sets of zipper leaders, red snappers, Donita Reeves extended ruler base, Circle Lord, micro handles and Gammill work station. This machine is in excellent condition. All original tools and oiler included, as well as packs of needles in various sizes. Buyer responsible for picking up, transport, and setup. Assistance can be given for taking down and loading the machine into your vehicle. $14,000 and I pay sales tax. Located in Saratoga Springs, NY
  2. Hi friends, Does anyone have the 1 1/4'' hexagon die, #50119 that they're willing to part with? I am addicted to EPP. Thanks, and I may need an intervention.
  3. WHOA. And I agree with Julia, that might be a fun thing to do for coloring on quilts. I don't have retayne to try it out!
  4. With all the back to school supply shopping, I was reminded of a test I wanted to do. I did some marking with Crayola markers and checked to see how they would wash out. I wrote the results up over on my blog, and they were interesting! I'd probably not use it on a customer quilt, because I didn't test every possible combination of fabrics and threads, but i would have zero problem using them to mark my own quilts. If you test them out yourself on silk, poly, or wools, I'd love to have you share the results! I didn't have any of those on hand, I only had 100% cotton. http://mandalei.com/2014/08/13/crayola-washable-markers-and-quilt-marking-technique-of-the-week/
  5. Thanks! It's a pattern book, not a longarm book... it won't be out until next fall.
  6. Turned in my manuscript, shipped the last quilts off to the publisher. Book will be out next fall. Time for a Manhattan! Looking forward to catching up on all the topics I missed, and working on my backlog. I've missed you guys
  7. good quesiton. I'll ask my editors. It won't be a closeup of the quilting, because the book is about the piecing patterns as opposed to what's on top of them, but it may need a footnote if it's visible.
  8. Dell, I am thinking of you and sending healing thoughts to your fella and peace to you. xoxo
  9. Hi Dell! I can't find a website for the boards--do you have a link available? MUCH appreciated!
  10. I've missed reading all your posts! I've been writing a pattern book due out next year (and thinking why did I do this to myself--due date for rough draft and tops is July 1). I need a cool panto, and was looking at urban elementz. would you recommend another company to look at? these are "modernish" quilts. Thanks,
  11. You should be super proud, not only for the quilting but for putting yourself out there and just going for it! Way to go!
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