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  1. It's not entirely resolved. I am stuck with using matching thread top and and bobbin, or I still see bobbin thread on top. I loosened the screw in the tension so that the take up spring wasn't pulling quite so tightly, and that helped... some. I'll finish the quilt I have loaded and work on it some more.
  2. Yes. I took the maintenance class in Iowa when I bought my machine, along with my husband. We've both gone over the machine with a fine tooth comb. The fact that regardless of tension adjustments, the bobbin thread is always showing on top, indicates to me that there's a mechanical issue somewhere.
  3. Thanks, no it's not the batting, I'm sure it's a mechanical issue, like a failing check spring on the tension, or a loose hook collar, etc. Still waiting to hear back from support.
  4. APQS aluminum bobbins as was recommended when I purchased my machine. I wind them myself, yes. And thank you.
  5. But I've always used a size 4 needle with this combination and it's been just fine. My sandwich is not to tighten. Really, what I am looking for is suggestions to check things that I haven't, and that aren't typical issues.
  6. Hi everyone, my 2010 Millennium has sat untouched for a bit over a year after the death of my son. I finally decided I was ready to quilt again, and have spent the past week doing cleanup and maintenance. No matter what I do, my bobbin thread is peaking through to the top. Please keep in mind I've owned this machine for 8 years and am pretty comfortable with it and its quirks. I have rethreaded multiple times, tried different threads, changed needles (using a 4.0), change needle position slightly to the right and left. I've made certain that all of my thread guides are in the correc
  7. I'll do so today, I was planning to anyway, I was just impatient to find out and had hoped someone might know over the weekend LOL
  8. Holy cow, a grand? I think I'll pass if so. Wow!
  9. My bobbin basket is terribly noisy. It rattles away like crazy. My hubby just did a complete servicing on my machine, repacked the gear box, re-timed it, etc. It has a great stitch, but that noise.... I clean out and oil after every other bobbin as well.
  10. I'm not on the forum much, but I thought I remember reading a while back that APQS now offers both L and M size bobbin machines. I have a 2010 Millennium, with the L bobbin. Can it be changed over to the M size? If so, anyone know the price? Can it be done by the user or does it have to be sent in? And last, are people with the M bobbin machines having just as good of tension?
  11. Yes I'm really torn. If we find a farm for sale with a room big enough to house it, versus building new on our existing land, it won't be an issue. I hate the idea of losing so much money on it.
  12. That's okay Marci, I know it says that. Thank you Libby, but if I do decide to sell it will be a package deal. I'm not in a hurry, so perhaps I'll just think about it some more
  13. Amen, I know that's true Peggy! I've spent way too much on this hobby... And thank you !
  14. Thank you ladies. I guess I should sit down and try and figure out the value of everything I have. I might have a heart attack if I do that
  15. I am not a dealer nor have I ever been a dealer, don't get me started on that sore subject with APQS!
  16. I have a 14' 2010 Millennium with all the bells and whistles (Bliss, hydraulic lift, Glide, etc) and an IntelliQuilter with a gazillion designs. Because my hubby's job has kept us traveling so much, I doubt I've done 50 quilts since I bought it, and now I think perhaps it's time to sell it as we're wanting to build a house, and trying to add a room in large enough for the longarm is proving challenging. How do I price it? I looked in the for sale section but didn't really find anything for sale to base a price on. thanks!
  17. It's so helpful to hear how everyone handles things. I don't get out much, and everything I do is self taught. Every once in awhile it occurs to me that there just might be a better way! LOL I have discovered that I find it MUCH harder to do ditch work on fluffy batting, such as Quilters Dream Wool, than a thinner batting, like Hobbs 80/20.
  18. That's a great explanation, I just would be terrified to try that! Maybe I should just stick with pantos. LOL
  19. Thank you Marilyn, I guess I'd enjoy it more if it weren't for 2 things... stitch in the ditch, which is so hard on my eyes and my back, and the endless tying and burying of threads. LOL I really detest that part!
  20. Carol, I'm curious. How do you do all four border without ditch stitching the center of the quilt first?
  21. GoDaddy is cheap and makes it really easy. Wordpress is free and probably the easiest thing to get started with as there are many free templates (or nicer ones you can purchase) that will do just about everything. It doesn't have to be a blog with wordpress. I am in the process of rebuilding my website and I use Wordpress.
  22. I only quilt for myself, although I occasionally do a pantograph for a friend. There isn't enough money in the world for me to do custom quilting for hire, I find it exhausting, painful, and I still love it. LOL
  23. Ditch work AFTER? I've tried that.. the seams aren't straight if you quilt the blocks first... at least mine aren't!
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