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  1. You can add an icon to your home screen. Log into the site, the hit the box with the arrow in the upper left corner and choose save to home screen. That way you just hit the icon when ever you want to go to this forum and your log in is done for you. Gillian
  2. Wonderful little art piece, keep up the great work. This type of play is an inspiration to us all.
  3. I have used Marqthon threads almost exclusively on both my DSM and my Milly and have nothing but good things to say about it, have never had any tension issues, exceptional delivery 2 days here in Northern Ontario, Good pricing. In my Milly, I usually use Cotton Look polyester 50 wt in the bobbin and either 40 or 50 wt in the top. I have used the cotton 50 wt with no problems. I have not tried the specialty threads in Milly but have used them for my DSM and have had no problems, friends with embroidery manchines use them exclusively. Hope this helps Gillian