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  1. Would any of the Calgary quilters be interested in quilting an antique hankie quilt? The quilt was originally quilted back east but the owner has since moved to Calgary and thinks the actual hankies need more quilting. I have not seen the quilt but offered to post on the forum and see if anyone is interested. She is a nurse and we got chatting at a recent dr's appt. Gotta love quilters. If at all interested, please email me and I will give you her contact information. Thanks in advance. Lynda from cloudy Golden BC
  2. Lisa I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I can't even begin to imagine how you are coping. Sending you cyber hugs (((((((((hugs))))))))). My thoughts are with you and your family. Lynda from Golden BC
  3. I have jars and jars of threads snips and string. I have told my bff that this is her inheritence. Her hubby thinks we are nuts. Lynda B From snowey Golden BC
  4. I have a custom quilt that is partly finished. All I have left is the wavy borders. I am surprised that y'all can's see it waving. I have used Bonnie's steam and starch and it helped some. I wish I would have just taken off the darned borders and fixed it but that would have been about the only thing on the quilt that would have been straight. Gotta love it! Lynda B from cool Golden BC
  5. Well, apparently the clicking noise came from the needlebar. I ran over a very thick seam junction on the last quilt I did and limped along until it was finished. Lots of thread shredding and skipped stitches but I didn't hear a clicking until dh adjusted the timing. The hook was not passing halfway on the scarf of the needle as described in the book but was making contact with it much higher up. So he had readjusted the needle bar to the correct height, Millie had a bath and good cleaning and I am just about done this quilt. Yahoo. I am afraid to celebrate though because I don't want to
  6. He is messing with the needlebar now and I am getting worried. Still clicking. Yikes....I am in another room. Lynda in Golden BC
  7. Thanks for your reply and yes we have the manual but still unsure about the clicking noise. Is there a video clip somewhere that shows this? Lynda in Golden BC
  8. Hi everyone. I just posted but it disappeared. I am having some issues with my Milli. We have retimed but when I stitch now I hear a definate click when the needle hits the hook assembly and I don't think it is right. I think dh has it set so the needle deflects too much. Of course we disagree but I don't want to ruin my machine because we disagree. Help! I want to get this quilt done. Lynda in Golden BC
  9. I buy Hobbs products from Contemporary Sewing Materials Ltd. out of Richmond BC. Their website is www.csm.ca. Call their 800 number if you have questions about pricing and such. Not affiliated, just a happy customer. They also carry Tuscany products...have just ordered a throw size to try. Looks promising. Hope this helps. Lynda in Golden BC
  10. Hi Sue. I am glad the quilts arrived safe and sound. Thanks for the note. Tell your grand-daughter that Golden is a very pretty little town right in the middle of the mountains. Our ski hill is called Kicking Horse Resort and has the highest restaurant in BC. We have a grizzley bear that lives in a compound at the ski hill...his name is Boo and he is quite the attraction for the tourists. As your weather turns cold, ours is warming up yay. How is Australia coping after the devastating fires? We don't hear much on the news anymore. Happy easter to you and yours. Lynda in Golden
  11. Peggy, you are much stronger than I am if you are ready to quilt so soon after your surgery. I had my gall bladder out January 30 and am just getting back to quilting. I did a lot of peicing and really enjoyed it as I hardly ever have the time to sew anymore. Listen to your body and don't forget to rest...a lot. My hat's off to you girl. Lynda in Golden BC
  12. Linda, you do such a nice job of everything. What an inspiration you are to us. I only wish I could quitl half as good as you. Your ideas are always so fresh and executed so well. Thanks for the eye candy this morning. Lynda in Golden BC Canada
  13. I only want to liv e to 100 if I have all of my faculties and am able to quilt and reason. If not, no thanks, wnat to just check out. We are currently caring for MIL who is in mid stages of Dementia. She is in a home which makes it somewhat easier but we still visit every day and do what we can for her. We are lucky to have family who share the responsibility. Lynda in Golden BC Canada
  14. Hi Jeanne. I use Invisafil for outlining applique or sid on my longarm with no problems at all. This thread is really fine 100w, strong, lint free has matte finish and can be ironed. I absolutely hate monofilament thread which is why I tried Invisafil in the first place. I also use Deco-bob for background fill and some outlining (depending on the color I need) which is 80w poly. I would probably use deco-bob for your project as it is a bit thicker but won't get a thready look to your project which is georgeous btw. Hope this helps. Lynda B Millie in BC
  15. Sue. Just wanted to let you know that I have mailed two tops (childrens) today. They told me they should be there within 4-6 weeks. Hopefully sooner but not much I can do about it. Also wanted to say that I am honored to belong to such a warm and generous group. My thoughts and prayers to all the people touched by this devestation. Lynda Balas Golden BC Canada
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