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  1. Never mind! I took off the extended base and I am sailing along! Thanks!
  2. How do I lubricate my wheels on my Lucey that is Blissed? I have cleaned rails and wheels. Still a little sluggish. Love my APQS machines! Thanks! Dianne
  3. Best money I have spent to speed up production! And no sore fingers!
  4. Use a shop vac! No cleaning the beater bar and it sucks up larger pieces of material or batting than a vacuum cleaner
  5. I love my Ult II! He is 21 years old and still going strong! It does not have a stitch regulator, but you will get the hang of it. Watch all of the videos you can to learn the ropes, then kick back and practice, practice, practice! Happy quilting!
  6. Antiques get Baptist Fan or 1/4" inside seam lines. There are 3 different piecing types: curves/circles, on point/diamonds, and angular/squares. Quilting design should be different from the piecing design. For example, an angular design (Take Five), quilt with diamonds or circles. Hope this helps!
  7. Bliss is the best thing you can do to make your machine user friendly! I have 2 machines I bought before Bliss was available, and when I bought Lucey I added Bliss. I am in LOVE! It just makes your quilting more enjoyable--and the control you have over your machine is awesome! Happy quilting!
  8. Thanks, Amy! I am quilting again! APQS has great customer service!
  9. I need to know how to change out the front green on/off button on Lucey. Mine is bad and I just received a new one with no directions. Have a deadline! Thanks! dyequilter
  10. I use a rack used to hold multiple file folders upright on a desk that I had on hand. Works great! I put the smaller ones toward the front and the larger toward the back. You can slide more than one in a slot.
  11. I use the R&S board 267-R, rounded continuous diamonds. It works great on those jelly roll race quilts! Good luck! dyequilter http://www.rns-design.com/
  12. I just found out that the Wedding Quilt won a Blue Ribbon at the GA National Fair! My 18 year old APQS Ultimate II (Fred) is SO SWEET!
  13. "Fred" does not have a stitch regulator. He is the original deal! :-)
  14. Offer to do charity quilts free (they supply the backing and batting)! It is great practice and you feel good about it at the same time!
  15. I constantly tell my longarm friends, it is not the machine but the operator! However, you must start with an APQS machine! I just finished this Wedding Quilt for my niece. I completed it on a 1995 Ultimate II I named Fred. I bought it used in 2001, and have never regretted it! We have spent countless hours creating beautiful quilt tops. And what a stress reliever! Thanks, APQS!