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  1. hello all, i am in desperate need of a new frame for my older millie its an 03 or 09 ,i have the older brown square one ,right now size is not a issue ,i hope someone can help me out,i will be relocating to nc soon from pa,thank you
  2. Holy cow ,was only trying to insert one small pic,I am not tech savy at all
  3. Sorry for the year later reply to those who were interested .but yes I did make the white sofa slip cover for the sofa/bed ,it has an easy zipper also installed under the cushions to allow the bed to come out of it,much much cheaper than buying a new sofa,it was very dated .I am still making slipcovers,I just love the white,and also enjoy custom fitting them,I recently did a grey set for a sofa I picked up for 20 ----------------but I could not find a pic of it so just another one of my pillows that I recently made,sometimes my happy accidents turn out better than the original plan I had here
  4. If anyone has any 14 foot leader zippers laying around I would love to pay shipping to get them out of your way ,I am just a part time use quilter with not much time to quilt. Thank you! I have some very old and simple pantos taking up space that I will be sorting soon if there is any newbies or anyone else that might be interested,they are super simple elementary kinds, most came with my bundle used machine package years ago. It has been a long time since I have visited here ,its kind of addicting to me ,I miss all you wonderful and creative people that have helped me along the way,I bought a used 2001 2or3 and have had no regrets.If anyone has an old frame ,any size my millie would fit on I would be interested in that also,would love to find a small one that I could have set up elsewhere so I could just travel with miss millie,.wishful thinking ,lol Thank you all again! Queenie
  5. Over 50 pieces in the anchors ,micro stippling around anchors trying to make them pop,only thing I did not make are the three small pillows ,.....oh this was just also just a test run adding pics since I have been away from here in awhile .....................still no regrets on my purchase of my used milli,first longarm ever!!!
  6. Thanks for posting over here also ,I love watching new learning curves,great quilting!
  7. would love to buy some pantos similar to the lovely quilting in the second pic ,looking for some with dropping pearls also ,....loveeeeee the hex quilt!
  8. That is a little far for me but if the price was right I would travel that far ,just let me know ,thanks ,Queenie
  9. I am looking for a 10 or 12 ft frame for my millie ,I have a 14 but its too large for where I am staying in NC so I thought maybe another frame for nc and could travel with my millie thats in PA. I thought maybe someone has one tucked away since all the newer ones have come out which I will also want in the future ,thanks ,Queenie
  10. I have bought almost all my extras here for my milli ,I am now looking to upgrade my frame ,mine is the square frame but would love the tubular plus the hydrolic lift if anyone has any of these ,Thanks ,Queenie
  11. I quit....again....my profile pic is fuzzy and my quilt pics don't get big when you click on them ,back to quilting for another few months ,I will continue to stop in briefly as usual ,still waiting for my smart phone to make me smarter ,I am getting good with the like button ,lol ,Happy Quilting !!!
  12. Awesome quilting ,I also love quilting feathers,I just love the flow of the free motion ,I will try to find time to post my pics of a baby quilt/quilts I just finished,I wish I knew how to take them straight from my phone to here .
  13. Monika ,I am so thrilled to see you are back rocking and rolling , I have never had to redo my timing thus far ,I think I felt your pain today from far away ,its so frustrating when we go into panic mode seeking help but that's one of the many great reasons I chose APQS for my longarm ,helps always just a click away ,keeping my fingers crossed that you have been 100 % successful and no more problems or loose screws for you !
  14. I am no pro ,but what I would do while waiting for an educated response is go to utube and they have posted some great clips on timing your machine ,it will help you better understand the way these parts should be lined up and move ,I am guessing you just had a screw come loose but this is what it may take to get it back right .
  15. So wonderful for you to take the time for your friend ,I also have a long time elderly friend also and he has tried to give me the world but I refuse to accept any of his generosity ,I just get satisfaction just like you, by just stopping in or calling all the time to see how he is doing ,we have been friends since I was 15 ,we live in a small town so needless to say he found out my social security number ( I refused to give it to him ) through another dear friend of the family whom is a banker and put money into a cd for me ,my mom use to make jokes before she passed away saying he may leave me his whole house also . Maybe your post will spread more acts of kindness .
  16. Congradulations Shannon !!! I just want to add that you have a wonderful blog also ,I love visiting everyones blogs from this site ,I cant wait to one day meet all you famous/wonderful quilters ,your work is so inspiring !!!
  17. What am I doing wrong .light is not twisting in ,I can do one side at a time and it slips and twists in correctly but when I try both at the same time its not fitting right ,it looks exactly like the others ,I dropped it once and it rattles but still amazingly works if I hold it in place ,might just tape it for now ,any suggestions ,thanks
  18. I need to head out to find a replacement florescent light for my millie ,I am headed to lowes ,what kind would be the best ,so many to choose from ,thasnks
  19. I have a black light marker that saved my butt when I first started quilting ,it was amy butler fabric with white thread ,lol ,what was I thinkin ,I could not see my thread path ,I will post a pic later but really plain chalk shows up the same ,the black light is saving me again while I wait for hubby to buy me new bulb ,I am quilting the white border with very light pink thread ,Karen Mctavishs go to pink thread and its working out great ,I am really not missing my regular light yet ,lol
  20. Well its made me a lil smarter ,I can text now ,lol,and add pics to facebook ,still want to learn the navigation ,my garmin takes me to places that have been shut down for over ten years ,lol ,thank goodness I learned a little bit bout computers before all the kids flew out of the nest ,I found this forum and then bought my millie ,lol ,its costly sometimes but so worth it
  21. black light working for now until hopefully hubby can buy me new bulb
  22. Oh thank you so much ,going to call hubby right now to see if lowes has one ,our home depot is over an hour away ,for now I took the other one out and put my blacklight in ,thank goodness its very light colored fabric and thread ,trying to get a start anyway
  23. My light bulb finally blew ,can I buy one locally for my 2001 or 2000 millenieum ?