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  1. My Dearest Mrs. A, I figured you had something to do with the newest George in town and Janalyn, but in the world of, "never-bet-your-life-on-it" I wisely waited for you to appear in this thread. Janalyn, Nancy is a treasure! Enjoy and learn from her. Both are easy Jain
  2. Welcome Janalyn from another Tucsonan! Actually, there are quite a few of us here in Tucson. Wishing you many happy hours with George. Jain Barrett a.k.a. Calamity Jain
  3. Thank you Austin, for taking a moment to share that. My King George is not against a wall at the moment, but may be again one day and this wouldn't have occurred to me until it happened to me. So nice to learn from others before it happens to you in person! ~ Jain Barrett
  4. Today! (Pretty late for Spring cleaning) I gave King George a cleaning and spa treatment today! Afterward I played around with some Glide thread samples l picked up at a show last week and had really good results. Tomorrow we are going to spend some serious time together.
  5. Sue, that is so cute! I see that you and George are getting along nicely Dontcha just love him?
  6. Kathy, thinking about you and looking forward to hearing the joy back in your life. You have a great reward waiting... but first things first. I sure do admire what you go through to keep a business like yours going!!
  7. haha! What fun it is to have you here! Kathy, DSM is Domestic Sewing Machine. Love your questions, keep them up ... love your can-do, will-do attitude.
  8. Hi Kathy, Congratulations on the anticipated arrival of your new George! You have really landed a big fish there! I have been a VERY happy owner of George for about a year and a half. I just wanted to add to the encouragement you've received to practice, practice, practice... something you already know I'm sure. Give yourself time, and believe that with practice every aspect of what you do with George will get better and better. I hear ya girl, and know you will anguish over every piece of fabric you sew on for a while. We probably all did. But Nancy has a good suggestion about vi
  9. and I am one of MrsA's lucky customers... she is right about the So Fine 50 weight to start with. My George seems to like this thread the most. After a break-in period I moved up and down the thread weight scale. I have worked with 100 weight Invisifil poly thread for tiny work and also on a project where the thread needed to disappear. I've also gone up the scale to 30 weight So Fine for a heavier line. I sometimes use hoops/rings to steady the quilt under the needle and sometimes only my hands with a drop or two of glycerin to make them tacky. There are some recent posts about h
  10. Sue, so sad that you're having to wait... When he comes you'll be doing the happy dance!!! My favorite foot is the open toe. I way prefer being able to see quite close to the needle without looking down into the middle of the closed toe foot. And even though you haven't asked, my favorite thread (lately) is So Fine 50#. For all purpose quilting, I'm getting the very best stiches with this thread. How's the clean out of the sewing room coming?
  11. ooooh, me too! I am anxious to hear about others' experience with using Ruler with George. I have my new "ruler" foot for George, but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I know that Mrs.A has had a go at it...
  12. Oh yeah... Mrs. A, I just LOVE your new avitar you cute thing! oxox.
  13. HOUSTON! We have no problems! You are going to just love George. What a spectacular way to celebrate two years. Let us know when he comes if you can pry yourself away long enough .