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  1. You don't need a binding machine to be able to attach the binding on while it is still on your machine. I use the floating top method and then when I am done with my quilting I back the quilt up to the lead off rollers and then sew my binding on while it is on the machine. I got the instructions off of gadget girls website, which I belived Judy L posted the link for it on here about 6-8 mos ago. I offer binding service to my customers at two levels, either I sew it on the top only for .05c and inch or I offer to trim, turn and hand sew it onto the back for .25c and inch. Most of my cu
  2. Thanks for the idea of the email address, that is something to consider. Well another chapter in my spat. Last nite I called to speak to the newsletter editor and was verbally attacked on the phone by her. This is a diffrent person who is known for being very opininated and is very rude about it. I was very polite and stood my ground with her. My response to her rudeness is to provide a kind gesture. I have a letter that I just typed up with a gift certificate on the bottom of it for a free machine quilting. I addressed her concerns and offered my service to for free in order to resol
  3. Thank you all for your responses, please keep posting if you want. I just wanted to let you all know that I am not offended at all by any of the comments. I said I wanted them good or bad and I am okay with all of them. I have been told about the febreeze, and I do have some. And the witch from the guild is not even another machine owner, she is just a very demanding person and one who is not very nice when she is demanding...the entire guild will tell you that. Oh, and I will add my name to the advertisment, my husband pointed that out to me. The magnetic car sign is a good idea a
  4. Here is my dilema I have had my machine for a year now. I have done everthing I can to advertise my service. However, I smoke, but not in my house. I found out a couple of months ago, there is a queen witch in the larger guild I was a member of that was telling people not to give me their business because it would come back smelling like smoke, totally unfounded. Therefore, my machine sits empty more often than not. Yesterday the local machine owners had a meeting, we are going to start our own guild in this area.They suggested that I run an ad in the newsletters that come out. They
  5. I see that some people have their picture and I am clueless as to how you add this to your posts. Can anyone help me ? Blessings and hugs
  6. I had the same problem with mine as well. In addition to checking the screw under the cover, make sure that your plug for your machine head is plugged all the way into the wall.
  7. I have to agree with the mono on top and the colored on the bottom. I have done a customers quilt with Mono before, I ordered a spool from Superior. I had no problems with it at all. The quilt that I quilted for her is now up at one of my local guilds quilt show. I have gotten tons of compliments and questions on it. When I finished the quilt, I called and told her I would not give it back. The way the light hits it, it looks as if it has glitter in it, or it is multi-colored thread. I think you will be please with the results, provided the thread and the machine get along. B
  8. Claudia, That is gorgeous, to me there are not enough words to describe it. You should enter something like that into some of these quilt shows. BTW--how long have you been L/A quilting? I applaud you for being so humble, you work is excellent and you should let your ego or rather estrogen be boosted some for that kind of work. Blessings and hugs
  9. Jennifer, I have to agree, you should not be so quick to sell. If you don't need the money, then hang onto it. I have had my machine a year now, sometimes I can't get away from it, othertimes it will sit for a while before I can get to it. Just because the machine is there, does not mean you have to use it. The other thing I learned when I first got going was to always have a quilt loaded on the machine if you have one available. That way if you want to go to it, it is already loaded. I too have a crazy life, school, family, social life, my motorcycle. But when me and DH decided t
  10. I LOVE superior thread as well. My favorite has to be the so fine, it shows its color, but also dissapears a little into the quilt. I have also used some other types of thread as well. Shortly after I got my machine, Mark told me that you can use any kind of thread as long as you adjust the tension right. As long as you can put it on the pin, if you dont have a spool holder, you can use it on the machine. I have used some of the thread that is for the embroidery machines. I know you mentioned in your post that you were looking for the signature thread. I dont think that they sell that
  11. I found a free pattern online for making an apron, with this you may be able to modify it the way you want. I know it call to use the fabric, but I am sure that using your own wont hurt it. http://www.marcusbrothers.com/makeit/projects/whole_foods_apron/index.html Blessings and hugs Tracey
  12. Linda, It may take a few days, but I will post pics. Just did not want you to think that I forgot about your request. Blessings and hugs, Tracey
  13. When I am basting my sides, I do it as I go along, meaning that I stich them as I roll my quilt forward. I dont change my stich length. I run the S/R all the time so whatever I am using on the quilt, I use on my basting. It saves the time of changing them around all the time. I also tried to get as closed to the edge of the fabric as I can, that way when the binding gets put on it does not show through. So make sure you have less than 1/4 inch between the edge and your stiching. I have tried to stich to the ends without basting and the ends get caught up in the needle and foot and cause
  14. If you use the floating top method, you can start off the end of the quilt and then when you put your binding on it will catch the stiching. I usually just pull my bobbin thread up and then stich three times. A friend said she saw Alex Anderson doing this on her show. If I have to stop in the middle of a quilt for some reason, I usually just start a few stiches back from where it left off, pull my bobbin thread up, stich three (needle up and down three times in the same spot) and then go on with what I was doing. Blessings and hugs Tracey
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