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  1. i'd be interested in changin my table to a 10 ft,, but my 12 ft is blissed. can i keep the bliss part or would it all go??
  2. cool, i like your idea. mine came with the bliss system so i did not get extra to make the underneath storage. send a picture, i would love to see it!
  3. Call me if you need a few things. I can give you some deals! 2056211623
  4. Corey, it took almost three months to train others on the projects I was responsible for. Maybe full time quilting is in my future. I do feel 85% better. It's quickly coming back to me,
  5. Yes it is. I will include free shipping. It has been serviced so I just need to put the feet in the carrier. I will accept paypal too. You will love this machine if you still want it. My cell is 2059137060
  6. I've been working rediculous hours at work with even more rediculous expectations for 7 months straight. I think the amount of stress I was under added to the medical complications. Now that I am decompressing, I realize just how tense i was for so long. I got a new position this week and feel that God has truly interviened and rescued me from this situation! I am so utterly thankful and in awe. God is so faithful and loving to His children!
  7. Where is the show you are all talking about, where can I find the book A to Z? Thanks!
  8. Cheri, I can empathize with your sorrow. My brother committed suicide at the age of 19. He was undiagnosed bipolar and was going through severe depression. I had to stay close to my support center because I was hearing a bit too much unneeded, unsolicited and , opinionated stuff from my church and acquaintances. I am bipolar and have autoimmune disorders. I was going to post today to let everyone know that my 6 months of hell were almost over, I feel very hopeful this morning and aim not in pain. i apologize for not reaching out for more prayers and support. I love to pray for others. Part of my stinking thinking is to isolate myself. My medical team has been great. I have a psychologist, psychiatrist, rheumatologist and internist. Any one medication or event can trigger a relapse so I have to stay on top of it. I have missed my quilting friends and reading your posts. I am a Christian and am open to talk to anyone at any time about my experiences, strength and hope. Cheri, please call if you need someone to listen, I can share about being on both sides of this very sad situation. Your brother loved you very much, try not to be angry like I was, God helped me through my nightmare and he will be there for you too! He loves you very much and will give you rest and comfort! Sorry I wrote such a long post! Hugs and prayers, Ann Marie 2059137060 Afuller728@aol.com. Put apqs forum in the subject so I will surely read it.
  9. Can you sell the lights separate? If so email me at afuller@bcbsal.org. I might be interested. Also can they be shipped?
  10. Yes, I would ship using ups, they do a great job. You can email me @ afuller@ bcbsal.org or call 205-913-7060 (cell). 205-220-2675 I have been working a tremendous amount of overtime and have been sick. No quilting lately. I think my job is going to change and found one of my meds has been causing head to toe debilitating cramps. Dr thought at first it was a flare up, three days after taking lisiopril, the cramps are going away. I have a lenni I need to dust off and play with... Praise God! I should be able to be back on the forum again. I love everyone and you are all so caring, thoughtful, and unselfish with your tremendously amount of knowledge and support. I was so sick and tired I thought I would have to start the disability process. I am thanking my lord that I am beginning to heal and that my work crisis is getting resolved. Thank you all so much!
  11. I have 4 berninas and love them all. Love this model so I got twins. One for main house and one for the country. I think I finally talked dh into one house! I've been down with fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis. Two houses are hard to maintain! I guess selling was secondary these past few days. I'm starting to feel better though. It comes and goes :-)
  12. I was sick last week so I didn't get pictures posted. After that I had to go out of town! So I will get the pics tomorrow. This machine new was 3200. You can buy an embroidery unit for it. I've seen them on eBay for approx. 600.
  13. I will post pictures tomorrow night. This machine was just serviced and I was told it had450k stitches which is low for a sewing machine.
  14. This was also considered the 450 model. One of the best of all computerized models. I own 2 of them!
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