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  1. I’m having the same issue with my George! Pulling the quilt directly toward me, diagonally toward my left elbow, and horizontally left (away from the throat), the tension is either awful on the back or on the top, but no matter what adjustments I make, won’t look good on both in those directions! Same craziness with loose bobbin (100 TOWA) and tight top tension. That was yesterday. Today I decided to try tightening the bobbin just a bit (now measures 130 on the TOWA gauge), and beyond comprehension, I can’t get the top loose enough! Makes no sense. I’m looking at my tension knob, and se
  2. Wow! Your artistry turned that embroidered top into the heirloom it was meant to be! Stunning work!
  3. Tension troubles with my George. Trying to move post to Troubleshooting & Tips.
  4. Ah! Most of these I missed because I was already at the show, but will put the great advice in my pocket for next year! I did spend a decent amount of time with the ladies at the APQS booth, talking about my biggest beef with my George, which is INCONSISTENT TENSION. Even after following their advice to run the bobbin tension a little looser than I had been, I’m still having problems. I’ve experimented with prewounds and home wound bobbins, adjusting things along the way. I have been itching to quilt a UFO for a week, but can’t get the tension to a point where I’m happy with it.
  5. I’ll be attending the quilt show in Hampton, VA next week, and would love to meet some George owners. Maybe we can pick a certain day to have lunch? I’ve had my George for about 3 years, but have not been particularly happy with it. I’m hoping that talking with some other owners will give ideas for better success with this machine. Many thanks, Heidi
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