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  1. Housecleaning my studio - long overdue. Selling unused items ALL SOLD! Hartley Microdrive Handles (fits Millie/Free/SR/Lucey/Ult I) - used once $200 new, will sell for $100. SOLD to Lisa! Harley Base Expander - excellent condition - used for 4 months - list new $120, will sell for $60. SOLD to Janet! Shipping to USA only (sorry). Add $5 each towards shipping and I'll pick up the rest if in the lower 48 states. Take Paypal (ship immediately) or ship when check clears. Contact me with questions (DriHeatAZ@gmail.com). Sharon
  2. Getting into some great wholecloth designs. A couple of instructors extradonnaire, namely Helen and Shirley, have advised to starch, starch, starch to death a wholecloth design to minimize the amount of movement and relailgnment when quilting a wholecloth (did I get this right Helen and Shirley?). Rather than email them privately, I have decided to open this topic to discussion. When thinking this through, I usually float my tops and batting, but if equal tension and heavy starch is in order, do it not seen more reasonable to tension the quilt top (at the bottom after basting the top to
  3. Great topic! I learn so much from you gals. Doing alot of community quilts and my quilt guild is not up to snuff on these requirements (as I am not either), are these regional requirements or widely accepted/required standards? Sharon Prescott, AZ
  4. Hi Dawn! Just checking in looking for an update on the interchangeable feet. Will they be available at MQX West next month? Sharon Harris
  5. I'm a newbie. Doing a ton a charity quilts (finally have a couple of flat square ones) if you can do those, you are ready for customer quilts! Taking my scraps, cutting them down and loading them into an old pillow case for the humane society for a doggie bed (my Libby dog has adopted this as HER neck pillow so far-going to have to fight her for it). Got blocks drawn out on my muslin practice pieces (LOVE my zippers, got to get them, YEAH), and having a ball. Going to MQX West next month. Get togethers?
  6. My turbo bobbin winder is not winding evenly. It runs up on one side. Help! What am I doing wrong, I'm wasting a lot of bobbin thread here. Sharon
  7. I'm on pins and needles waiting for my IQ! Hubby is only here on weekends, so realistically how much time should I allow for a self install on a Blissed Freedom? Sharon
  8. Okay, I'm venturing off sample quilt pieces and venturing onto community (charity) quilts for my quilt guild. Picked up my first one the other day. The top isn't that inspiring (but what the heck, it's my first true quilting experience), but I looked at the provided backing and it was a mess! By the time I squared it up, there was bearly 1.5" on either side for the quilt top. Rather than contact the coordinator, I think I might add temporary muslin borders to extend it and allow me to attach it to my leaders. Am I on the right track or is there something else I need to consider? Thanks
  9. Dawn, thanks for your vmail earlier today. Thank you! Totally on board for the new open toed hopping feet. I KNOW it will be well received by the APQS community. Please put your foot in the back of the engineers! Cheers! Sharon Prescott, AZ:D
  10. poke with Dawn mid May 2012. According to Dawn, a revision of the new open toe hopping feet would be available mid June 2012. Have send an email and a vmail to Dawn as to status. I will be first in line for this product! Sharon Prescott, AZ
  11. I've used Magna Glide for a year with my embroidery machine! They are wonderful! I plan to use them on my longarm once my Freedom arrives as well. Sharon Waiting on my 2011 Demo APQS Freedom DriHeatAZ@gmail.com
  12. Thank you everyone! I am gathering up responses and right now it feels like there is no "right" answer to my question. There are owners who are very content with their 12' table and those that love their 14' table. I will remeasure the area on Wednesday or Thursday and make a final decision, but please keep your opinions coming! Love to hear from you on how you made your decisions! I look forward to becoming an active member of the community in the very near future! Please understand I am in the process of moving and setting up the studio, but I will be online! Sharon in Sunny Arizona,
  13. Hello, I'm new to the group and purchasing my 1st longarm an APQS Freedom. I need your sage and collective opinions in this very important question. I can have a 10, 12 or 14ft table . Initially, I said I wanted a 14ft, but whenI laid it out for my room, it was going to be a closer fit than I anticipated. I could still walk around but it would be very close to the steps. Hubby says, let's do the 12 footer, but I'm hesitant. When say you my new friends and experts? Who amongst you have a 12 footer and wished for a 14 footer or vise versa? If you have a 12 foot table, have you had to decline b
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