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  1. Thanks Barb! I just got off with Amazing Amy! It didn't need to be retired thank goodness! The needle just would not go up in there far enough! Funny, once the screw fell out it went all the way in! But I thank you so much for your kind response. I was getting panicked as there are 20 quilts in line! It's nice to have a community like this to get help from . You are awesome as well! Thank you again! Merrie
  2. Hi! Saturday was a bad day around here! Broke a needle on Millie and now it appears it has to be retimed! I have a call in to Amy, waiting for her to return it, but in the mean time, I tried to loosen the hook retaining finger and the screw will not budge. I put on wd40 and still no go? I didn't want to start tearing it down because last time I jumped the gun and they said there might be another way to do it other than taking the whole thing apart. But I have 20 quilts to do and have lost the weekend waiting to talk to service today, and now the day has gotten by with no movement! I did call m
  3. Jess: I bought the dresden p2p design from you to use on a plate for a customer; my problem is how do I place it? And continue to place it around the circle? I know I saw a post on here about it, but I cant find it now so I apologize for making you repeat it! Thank you,Merrie
  4. Oh Sue, the QP got off track because the hopping foot got stuck under the fabric on the right side and the carriage would not release, so I had to turn off the carriage as turning off the machine did not release it; unfortunately this caused the computer to have fits and I could not finish stitching out the pattern. Marie accessed it online and helped me reline it up by tracing it out and nudging it. Hope that makes sense; Merrie
  5. I just wanted to send a BIG shout out to Dawn for helping me do something in QP! And today, when I had an episode of crazy, Marie at Grace Co really helped me out too! Despite my loss of voice, she heard enough to help! And thank you to Angela and Georgene who are figuring out all kinds of cool stuff for QP! I appreciate all of you! Merrie
  6. Hi, I have a bit of experience with these people; they do not want to release patterns to anyone outside of those systems, their reasoning is that we will share them with others. I had a customer who bugged them until they released a copy of what he wanted that we could not get elsewhere. I will never do business with them again; I feel that the reason they give is a lot of BS; If I have to pay for the pattern, why would I share it with others? And really who would I share it with? My competition? There are so many great sites out here; and part of me really thinks that the reasoning behind Ki
  7. I have had so many problems with QP and I just got it in Nov. I have been updated to 3.05.05; but still goofy stuff happens. I am on the phone to Utah a lt, and they fix it and they are really helpful, but it seems to be buggy all the time. I too thought it would be great to get in on the ground floor and have given the system the benefit of the doubt. >But when you are trying to build a business its hard to justify all the delays to a customer. The other problem I have with this is there is no real training. I have watched ALL the videos that are available; I have looked at everything on t
  8. Does anyone know if you change from Quilt Path on Millie to IQ, do you need to change the carriage as well? I think maybe you have to change some of the things that make it move? Not sure. Thanks for help!
  9. @ Dawn, I always check the do not connect box and did so in this case, but I still had the line stitch through it; I gave up on that design and frogged it out; but I am wanting to learn how to fix these little buggers! Thanks Dawn
  10. I tried to do something like this the other day and when it stitched out the first design, it stitched a line through it; I had optimized it and even tried a different design and got the same problem; they were in the block file; I believe it is the fill block; not sure of the name; but I did all that you said above; wondering if you all have any tips? Thanks,Merrie
  11. Brenda is also AWESOME as is this company! And Amy too:) They sent me a NEW machine QUICKLY and were awesome talking me through things that were happening over the phone. Brends stayed late to help me more than once. They have been nothing short of magnificent !!!!
  12. they did send me a new machine; it is awesome; sews like butter! AND it got here in like a day and a half; we were able to change it out with the assistance of the great Brenda and Amy; wonderful ladies who are machine goddesses!!! II love this company and their products; they really stand behind what they make. And even with the problems I had, I learned a lot about my machine inside and out; I feel more confident with it now, and I was really surprised at how wonderfully customers are cared for by APQS; thank you all!!! Merrie
  13. We have been questioning our purchase of QP as well; but I will say that every time, which has been a lot, that I call the folks there are helpful and fix whatever is wrong; unfortunately things seem to go wrong on weekends mostly when they are not available; which means downtime. I just keep having things occur one after the other; its a hard learning experience, but in the end I am hoping that it will mean that we have a great product and we will surely know it inside and out LOL; but there are times when I just want to scream. I plan to take classes to develop my freehand skills; just in ca
  14. Thanks everyone for the help; this company is awesome! They are sending me a new one and soon we will be back up and running!!! Again, Brenda is so awesome; she knows her stuff!
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