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  1. I echo everyone else's sentiments WOW!!!!! And with a name like Joy it has to be good LOL. Wonderful job!
  2. they are for gift giving or having in your home or whatever you want to do with them! approx. sizes on those are 11 1/2 square and 5 inches tall. so they are for smaller quilts. We were just trying the market with small ones first to see what response we get.
  3. Hey gang we have new hand carved quilt presentation boxes on ebay. Here is a link   What do you think about them? Let me know. thanks joy
  4. That is a perfectly adorable quilt! I made one when I was first married out of a box of scraps that my mother gave me that were left over from clothes she had made us girls over the years. It includes satin from my sister's wedding dress and fabric from so many things that I remember. I did like a log cabin pattern. It is really neat looking at it and reminiscing. I haven't been on here for a while because I went to take care of my mother who has no internet. She got sick while I was there and then I came down with it too and brought it back to my husband. But I am back now. Check out our quilt presentation boxes on ebay.
  5. thanks for looking and your input. really appreciate it!
  6. thank you every one for you comments and interest. Much good advice from others too. still in the learning process. bear with me
  7. linda I will get a link posted soon. still figuring this out.haha Lisa thank you for your nice words of commendation. I think my husbands work is great too but I am a little biased so its nice hearing other peoples thoughts.
  8. today I am working on simple baby quilt. my husband is a woodworker and makes these awesome presentation boxes so we decided to make a business out of them. you need to check them out on ebay! They are mostly walnut and maple with hand carvings. we are calling them "quilt presentation boxes" Check them out!!
  9. well I am no expert but I think that quilt is just gorgeous!! thank you for sharing!
  10. sorry I think I messed up the first question to tamarack shack... what kind of fabric do you use? that is absolutely awesome and we have tons of snow here in Michigan too.
  11. oh my goodness how beautiful your work is! I am in awe!!!
  12. that is a gorgeous quilt. I hope to advance to that stage someday.