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  1. What a beautiful quilt. Now I have an idea for my next client quilt. Thanks for showing us.
  2. I did an M&M quilt a while back it was so much fun to work on. I hope you had fun with this too. Wonderful job!
  3. Wonderful job Coleen. My sister has about 12 old quilt tops from her late husbands family. I wish she would let me have a crack at them. She wants to "preserve them". I think that they deserve to be finished and loved by her family. When my mom passed away, I finished all her UFOs and passed them out to my brothers and sisters. I'm glad you had the chance to be a part of something really special.
  4. Linda, Heidi said she used Loctite. How did you attach yours? Are they hard to thread?
  5. Your quilting is beautiful. Is there a chance that we can see the rest of the quilt?
  6. It's an adorable quilt. Your background fillers really fit well with the applique in each block. Well done!
  7. I use mine all the time but not in this way. Thanks for the great idea! Kae, I use a purple air-erasable pen to mark my quilts or a white chalk pouce.
  8. :)I was there on Friday and saw your quilt. I even took pictures. The ribbon was well deserved! Congratulations.
  9. Happy Birthday and have fun in Tahoe. Thoughts and prayers on your surgery.
  10. It's wonderful. I have to say that this is not exactly my favorite color combination. I have wondered what I'd do with a customer quilt that didn't excite me. After seeing this quilt, I'm reminded that all quilts can be beautiful with the right quilting. Thanks for the inspiration. This is going in my favorites.
  11. Nice job, thanks for all the great pictures too. This is the kind of quilt I make for myself. Going to my favorite list
  12. It's wonderful, thanks for sharing.
  13. Sounds like fun and a lot of hard work. Best of luck to you and your family.