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    Thread cutter motor vibrating; button controls not working

    Situation resolved with a good cleaning of the thead cutter area. Apparently the noise we heard is what a Millie sounds like when she's choking on thread/lint. :\
  2. This is the 2nd time this has happened. The last time, we manually pushed the control arm for the cutter motor and everything came back and started working. Now we're dead again. The lights on the right bank are all dark. When the power is turned on, the thread cutter motor vibrates and makes noise. If I reach in the back, behind the thread cutter arm, and press on the switch that's back there -- then the vibrating and noise starts. Does anyone have any thoughts? Of course this has happened on a Saturday. I have a FT job and quilt on weekends and evenings for clients, so I'm pretty bummed about this. We're dead in the water. Thanks, Valerie & Duane