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  1. Hi everyone and Thank You so much for the warm welcome..Been a crazy morning. Told myself I will tend to my home today while my Milli has batting and fabric waiting for me to get started..has to be the hardest part having your frame in the livingroom. Della, I kinda live out in the country about 9 miles from town but no one would hear me yell out on the front porch. haha Madelyn, a friend told me to take my business cards to a local quilt shop so that's in the plans. Anniespoon, Where about in Ohio? I am down below Dover/New Philadelphia...Tusc county. There are a lot of quilters in my county and I'm not to far from Amish country. Carol, I am actually joining a quild next excited. Need females or I usualy joke I need estrogen. To many males around dog and cows are even male.. Judy, I have been in my past a cosmetologist, retail, food you name it but there is nothing more that warms my heart when i reveal a quilt. I know a t-shirt quilt isn't that creative but I did one for a friend and her sons graduating party. All his sports shirt with Camo sashing, due to hunting, and favorite sport...Steelers. He hugged me twice at his party and also 4 people took my buz card. I know Im in this for the long haul. Jen, I've been quilting for myself for a good while but have never had a class so its been a slow process. But I finally found threads that I love (Superior) and tension problems are not as common anymore. I feel like I'm in control. I remember a little over 10 yrs ago I took my first quilt class. I didn't even own a sewing machine. Bought a cheap one and had to go back in my brain to highschool Home Ec class...scarey. Now today all I can say is Wow, I've come a long way and still have a long way to go but having a ball in the meantime. Sorry so long just wanted to let you all know how much I appreicate the welcome and will try and come back often. As for pictures as soon as I figure it out. Haha..May have to get my son to sit down with me. Robin
  2. Thank You everyone and Heidi some great advice will remember it. Have a wonderful day!
  3. Good Morning and Hello everyone. My name is Robin and I am a wife and mother in Ohio. I've been machine quilting for about 8 yrs, started out on a lil Grace and just this year moved up to an Millennium. Wow, what a difference. My goal is to work out of my home and quilt for others. So far, I have 2 customers and have sold a few quilts/ t-shirt quilts etc. I am so thankful for this board due to being alone alot and needing advice and there is always a topic hitting the subject. Would love to read how some of you felt when beginning your business. Fear, doubt, wondering if I made the right decision. All I can say is I love quilting and if I put everything else aside I know its my passion. I don't expect to become rich just want to contribute to my family since they are my first priority. If any of you have any advice about this slow time Please, I'm all ears. I guess Practice Practice. Thanks Robin