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  1. I saved the pattern every month from the BOM On the Quilt Show...and started it in 2010...i worked on it for the past couple of years...off and on...it was one of the very first quilts I ever did...and boy, did I learn a lot...I know, probably crazy for even daring to attempt it...but I didn't know what I got myself into... I made some boo boos but managed to make it work...finally I finished it this summer....backing is ready... It is all batiks and her name is STELLA, which means "STAR" in Italian... I just got my LUCEY this year and need a lot more practice before I attempt to quilt her..
  2. Does APQS sell a different hopping foot from the one that came with the machine...I would like to try the one that is flat...if you know what I mean...there is probably a name for it???
  3. Hi friends, I just wanted to let everyone know that yesterday I spent a wonderful day with Carol Cunnungham in Beamsville, ON...learning about quilting and running a business...besides the fact that she is very talented and knowledgeable about APQS, quilting, etc, she is a very kind and sweet lady....and a great hostess...(Mark, I had seen her website but when I first called APQS about looking at the machines in Toronto, I am so glad you reminded me about her...she has been worth the drive) I am so grateful to have met Carol and that she is part of the APQS family... BTW my experience with
  4. Ladies, thanks for all the encouragement and advice. Arielle, I will try a little slower... Sherri,thanks, I tried the laser light in a different position... And Bonnie I was thinking about doing the same thing when I watched a utube from Linda Taylor and using pantos and she showed that her table...she uses a Gammill..had markings on it so panto would be set down straight...i like the idea of using the laser to make it straight...would it not be straight thou if one just lines the panto up with the bottom straight edge of the table??? glad that beeping gets less noticed...I called A
  5. Hi everyone, Yesterday I posted that I put my very first quilt on my new Lucie...I took 2 charity quilts home from one of the guilds I belong too..it took time to set it up but I got there eventually, following the manual...method 1... I decided to use one of the 2 pantograph designs I received with the machine...this quilt it was 52 by 67. I finished it tonight... I learned a lot already ....how to line it up for the next row...figured it out but still have to practice that... ....the laser and the metal holder seem to be in my line of vision sometimes... ....my quilt seemed to hav
  6. Ok, I will read all about LENNI....actually I have a brother named Lenny...so I should know almost everything about him...lol I don't know if this question belongs somewhere else but I spent a good part of the day practicing one of the pantographs on a charity quilt.... Lucie is making a funny grinding noise evert time I start quilting after coming to a point...not smooth at all...seemed to be on the table fine...not as bad in manual...also, in SR mode when I stop the needle will still do some more up/downs...doesnot come to a full stop...should it?
  7. Hi, I am the new owner of a LUCEY...so far I have only had the chance to practice on a couple yards of muslin...I am reading a lot of good tips here and also watching utube videos...there is lots to learn...working through the glitches... I see there is a separate forum for LENNI..just wondering why not one for LUCEY
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