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  1. It's the same in the catalog, I just checked.
  2. I am looking at getting one of these but am very confused after reading all the posts! Anyone in or around Jordan MN have any of these so I could see how they work. I am very new as I just got my Millenium in June 2012. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again in advance as I have already learned so much on this forum.
  3. Now I don't feel quite so bad, I was quilting couch covers for my daughter, and doing the second one I loaded the back the wrong way lenthwise get to the end of the pant and run out of backing, alot of ripping out on that one. Oh well, lesson hopefully learned!
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have learned alot already!
  5. My name is Robin and I just received my Millenium Longarm Machine. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to any really good DVDs that are really great for beginners? I have been reading on this forum for over a year listening to all your great advice. Looking forward to learning all I can.