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  1. I heard the term "channel" from Lisa Calle when she was here in Spokane. so I thought that is what I was to use. The 1/4" double lines is the key here. Thank you for the assist. Will post photos when done. I am excited to work on this quilt. After 9 years in the process, will be great to get it finished. I may have to get some circle templates. I do know Lisa calle is coming out with some new ones, but Linda taylor has some as well. Will be getting me some. The small circles are a whole new ball game. Question then as well, do you think curved diamonds might be better than wreaths. I do not want to overkill with wreaths and doing a scalloped border with feathers in it with the double 1/4" lines (channel) on the outer borders to keep the curves flowing. the fabric even leans itself with the colors of the leaves to the circle flow.
  2. I have never done channel quilting. I want to do it on a my wreath quilt for the fair. it is an applique and inbetween the connecting blocks is an open area that I thought to put in some wreaths, so how does one get the effect of two rings together and consistent? I have a circle ruler, but that is only one size. I do have the Circle Lord, will that work? Then when you do molar feathers around the circle, do they absolutley have to connect to the ring or do you let them float?
  3. It looks really nice. Great job, especially since you say it is your first. Wow!
  4. Nice and light, that is great. It allows the applique to do the talking in the quilt.
  5. There are times when those quilts are so out of shape. I watched this a while back, Kimmi Brunner did a show on Quilt IT and I bought this measuring tape and use it when I know I need that extra hep with a quilt. http://www.longarmquiltingshow.com/episode-notes/206-kimmy-brunner/ Before starting to quilt, it’s important to make sure all the straight lines of the quilt are in fact straight. The first and most obvious line is the seam line that connects the border to the quilt. A zero center measuring tape helps with this. Sashing lines should also be straight and Kimmy shows how to make corrections. She stitches in the ditch using YLI Iris thread and the HQ Mini Scallop Ruler as a guide, making sure she’s never in a hurry when stitching with a ruler. You can ease a lot but tug just a little when stitching. Even the shortest thread tail can be buried into the batting with the Spiral Eye needle. Longarm Centering Tape by Colonial Needle Company – colonialneedle.com Handy Helper Quilters Measuring Tape by Golden Threads – goldenthreads.com HQ Mini Scallop Ruler by Handi Quilter™ – handiquilter.com Spiral Eye Side Threading Needles – spiraleyeneedles.com Check it out.
  6. That is so perfect! Thank you. You kept the center so simple as to let the fabric do its thing instead. Thanks for the photos. So now to do some curved stitching in the paw prints so it brings out the curves with the straight lines. Thanks so much for the help. I will post a photo when done. Doing it right now as soon as I get off here to have some fun.
  7. I need some help please. the Star has 12" borders, any ideas how best to do these on this Fractured Star? They are just huge! I thought to use gray thread so will balance out the colors. On the southwest design, any ideas to do in the red square areas and the center. I am outlining the tiki poles so that will do the borders fine.
  8. The part I love the most about your feathers is that you were not afraid to cross over the lines of blocks and the applique blocks. beautiful overall affect you got.
  9. I just love those details in each block. Awesome work keeping it simple with those added touches kept the integrity of the quilt design. nice job girl.
  10. I agree with the southwestern design looks, the Navajo is a nice pattern. If you don't have on hand, then I would go with the fire all over idea. Be care on those seams, I have done many Bargellos and an all over does work best, but those seams can be little buggers especially the small strips. If you do the flames, maybe "Southwest Fires" would be a good name. I do like the suggestion, also, of using the brown toned thread to show off the flames. If not doing a flame idea, then I would use a red/orange/gold varigated Superior Threads King Tut Autumn Days 906 Chariot of Fire 929 Rainbows: Gypsy 814 These are some real pretty threads that are a varigated which would blend and pop at same time. You could order in the thread in time to get done for sure. Heartbeat Quilting here in Spokane has them in stock or of course you can order from Superior Threads. Either way they mail priority you would have in a couple of days in time to get done.
  11. This quilt has already did some healing. My step daughter sent me such a wonderful text thanking me and her mom loves it. I have always had a strained relationship with her and this just made me so touched. It has now comforted two people.
  12. Did an allover panto in background and then did the embroidery blocks seperate. All done and ready to mail. Thank you.
  13. Working to finish this asap. Need some help on how to quilt it. I want it drapeable, but if she passes before it really is used or the kids want to hang it on the wall, want it sturdy enough to do that. Thought of a feather panto but therre is the embroidery to think about, thought of line dancing with McTavish in embroidery blocks, but then the borders need to work as well and don't want it real heavy. I am stuck here. Yes, I need to get done this weekend and in mail to her. She may not have much longer and praying this will bless her.
  14. If to full, I would just add some little extra designs to the quilt in the area. As Heidi stated, it will change once off machine and in the pieced area it will hold its own. Heidi did well.
  15. Took your suggestions and gave the quilt back. Felt bad, but it sure did lift a burden off me and attempting to do something that my machine is not fully capable of. She said she would find someone else to do it for her. I hope so this close to Christmas.
  16. You are all such dears. I have phoned her and talked about the situation. She of course is disappointed. But it came to me, what would happen, since she has a six inch border around the outer edge and it the base of the fabric lies in the middle fitting in the reaches of my machine, you do the panto on the inside then do the outer border individually by repinning? Has anyone done that before? I know I have done it on smaller quilts doing a leaf panto in center of quilt then doing the border totally seperate design. Does this sound doable? She is aware it will be coming back if I cannot find anyway to get it done. Told her she could go rent the machine at Heartbeat Quilting and do it herself then for the charge of me doing it with possible bad results. Then if she is not worried about the actual design on the quilt, there is the gal who bought my old nolting with 12' frame and she could do it but would not have the full design options because of the small throat plate on that machine.
  17. Thanks ladies for your help. Sometimes we need to check into reality of what we are actually capable of doing.
  18. Ok, last night I laid out the back on the table and it just fits with maybe a couple of inches left open. The machine just barely hits the end. If I do this I will have to be very accurate so that the design lines up, but I think I can do it. I know there is panto creepage on the ends a bit so that will give some fun, will have to make up a strap on the end to hold quilt in place. Saw that on The Quilt Show for an idea using a piece of canvas sewn to the end of a velcro strip. I think I will let her know that she may loose an inch on each side. If that does not work for her, then she will need to find someone else because I can't do it then. It will be interesting also to see if that much bulk rolled up under the longarm will give me enough space to be able to quilt my 17" panto design by the time I get to the end. I have not done one that long, yes, long as 120" but not 135". I have a Gammill.
  19. That is what I am thinking. I am going to have to tell her no or rent the one at Heartbeat Quilting and charge her the rental fee. The quilting is not the hard part, it is the lining it up and the space. Unless she wants to have someone else do it. It was pushing me anyway being so close to Christmas. I am going to double check the width on my machine and see if there is someway but Linda is probably right. If I do get it to work, Also, is there a way to fold over one side, quilt up to that amount, do next row, then detach at end, move it over to do the folded edge, repin and line up panto to work to finish that edge? Never done it but thinking of ways to get it done. We must only do this for our friends.