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    QuilterMomma got a reaction from Michelle Baker in Best of Show Washington State Quilt Show Spokane   
    It is stunning in person.  Congrats girl!
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    QuilterMomma got a reaction from ffq-lar in Big Judy N Amazon Star   
    Simply Stunning is all I can say.
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    QuilterMomma reacted to chickenscratch in Southwest and Star with Huge Borders   
    recreate one of the secondary designs created by the piecing just inside the multicolor border.
    On the red one, how about flames since it looks like Northern lights or fire
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    QuilterMomma got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in Village Quilt Finished   
    I just love those details in each block.  Awesome work  keeping it simple with those added touches kept the integrity of the quilt design.  nice job girl.
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    QuilterMomma reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in Village Quilt Finished   
    This one is going home to it's owner tomorrow...it was a pretty big quilt, almost 100 inches on it's longest side.  This is my very first really detailed custom quilt...this was the one for the customer I was so nervous about!  I really respect her and think she's good at what she does.  I hope she likes it!  I think even the back looks neat...

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    QuilterMomma reacted to Bekah in Twisted Bargello Help Please   
    I have never had a bargello in my studio before and I am more than intimidated.  The customer wants an over all, my choice of thread color and I am also to name it for the label I am making. It is for her friend's son and I have no other information.
    Question, what overall, what color thread and what would you call it?
    Thank you in advance for any and all help you can give me.

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    QuilterMomma got a reaction from JeannieB in Cancer Quilt Done   
    Did an allover panto in background and then did the embroidery blocks seperate.  All done and ready to mail.  Thank you.

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    QuilterMomma got a reaction from pumpkinpatchquilter in Cancer Quilt to be done   
    Working to finish this asap.  Need some help on how to quilt it.  I want it drapeable, but if she passes before it really is used or the kids want to hang it on the wall, want it sturdy enough to do that.  Thought of a feather panto but therre is the embroidery to think about, thought of line dancing with McTavish in embroidery blocks, but then the borders need to work as well and don't want it real heavy.  I am stuck here.  Yes, I need to get done this weekend and in mail to her.  She may not have much longer and praying this will bless her.

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    QuilterMomma reacted to ffq-lar in Need advice on a border design   
    To keep her costs down, I think you could squiggle in the ditch all the on-point squares in the border. That will go really fast and will nail down the seams to flatten it if it's not quite flat. It will add interest and texture to the border. A variegated blue-to-green thread would be pretty, but invisible thread will allow texture to show and not add a layer of color.
    Love the tropical panel!
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    QuilterMomma reacted to Oma in Need advice on a border design   
    Ok...just for fun and giggles...I would do an all-over design in the middle that added movement like water...I would do small bubbles in the green border...then I would do a piano border around the outside because it would just play up all those squares. It would just be fun. ♥
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