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  1. Mary Beth please call me at 816-665-4155 I have a lot of stencils you can have free. Joyce
  2. Love the fabric who makes it? Have two greats and that would be fun to make for them. Thanks for any information.
  3. I have also use a silicons spray from Sullivan's and that works well too. my friend ordered it thru Checkers. Only drawback is you had to get 6 can but I did sell a couple to other friends.
  4. thanks you so much for the information, I have all these great grand babies coming and always looking for ideas.
  5. Sorry to hear this. Christmas is not the best time to be in the hospital but she will get the care she needs. Prayers are with you and the rest of the family and glad that you can go see her.
  6. check your fuse between controls on main unit. Not foot control.
  7. Between Linda and Dennis the sky is the limit. Love the wave will have to keep that in mind.
  8. very pretty love it.
  9. Now lets add a broken star to this subject and really try to confuse you. Sorry Meg couldn't resist.
  10. have done star wedding and it was easy as long as you take it step buy step. Do always check her web sight for any corrections. Unlike Lynn I hated the glue and wouldn't use it again. AS my friend says that is why they make vanilla and chocolate ice cream we all like different things.
  11. So very happy for you. Have a great time getting to do all the things you have wanted to do, and didn't have time.
  12. Linda you know that we will all want your no-center wonky loading technique. LOL
  13. check the fuse I have had to replace mine a couple times
  14. I have also always used polydown from Hobbs, never had any problems.
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