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  1. Wish I was home today to get started. You ladies have certainly given me confidence. Thanks to all. I do have one more question. Sometimes, my needle gets stuck in corners in the down position. It will not come up for anything. I jiggle the machine head and usually wind up turning the machine off and back on to try to loosen it. It happens where there is more than a couple of layers of fabric on the back (corners). Any other suggestions? And, does this happen to anyone else?
  2. Thank you ladies. I have pinned down both sides so reversing will not be a problem. I just cannot fathom taking that puppy off the machine and turning it. I pre-marked the entire top so I am ready to roll back! Thanks again, Teri
  3. Okay....I have completety custom quilted the entire center of a queen size double irish chain quilt. I have quilted the top and bottom borders. I do not want to unload and reload the quilt to reposition the sides. Is is okay to just re-roll the quilt to the beginning and begin stitching down the left side border...then leave the NEEDLE DOWN and re-roll some more until I get to the end? I am not quite sure what to do at this point. I really really really would appreciate any and all input on this. I DO NOT want to mess up now. Thank you, Teri
  4. Hi Anne. I bought a 80/20 batting today. Will that work. Also, I have a large open feathery panto. What do you think?
  5. Hoping to get advice on how to finish a Maple Leaf Patchwork quilt top. There is puckering in the center section. I cannot fix this problem. The maple leaf pattern consists of nine-patch squares and they are not true. I am a new longarm quilter and I am only confident with pantographs at this point. I have added borders, as requested, to increase size. What are my options as I cannot remove the puckers that are in some of the center squares. It is too big to hand tie. The lady who pieced the top is deceased and the family wants to have it finished to put in a guest bedroom. Will appre
  6. Dawn and everyone who has replied to my "dumb" dilemma about the hopping foot.......the side pigtail was sideways. I unscrewed it and repositioned it straight up and down and now it works like a charm. Let me also say I love this forum and I love the YouTube APQS Tutorials. Both are worth their weight in gold, especially with me being a Newbie!!! Now if I can figure out how to get this POST off the Forum....
  7. Thanks Sheri, I will check on other places. Something pulls on the thread at times and I felt it must be the hopping foot. If I should find some kind of burr on the pigtails, what do I do?
  8. Thank you Dawn. This substance is like it is painted on. It was on the foot when I received my machine. Should I go ahead and take a cotton swab and try to get it off? Again, I thought it was some kind of protective coating but it does not look like it is a consistent finish.
  9. APQS is taking care of it for me. There is indeed something wrong with the circuit board in the little black box.
  10. Hi Barbara. You are right. There has to be a broken wire. I am giving up. Your technical terms are just like mine. This is the setup I have. My husband and I both have tried everything. We are expecting a call from APQS this morn. Gotta go to work:( Thanks again to everyone for their kind replies.
  11. Cannot send picture. The green light comes on and the roller will advance. If I want to reverse and flip over to the white dot, nothing happens and the light goes off.
  12. Just sat up my new Millenium. Installed the Power Fabric Advance Motor. When I toggle to the White dot, the roller will not reverse. Also, the white foot pedal will not work. Any ideas of what might be the matter? I will not hear back from APQS until tomorrow. Any input would be appreciated.
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