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    Debi reacted to quiltmonkey in Same size Backing and Top   
    Even if you sew scraps of fabric to all four sides, if the quilt top is the same size as the back, it's absolutely impossible to avoid quilting the extra strip's seam line into the quilt while quilting it. Trust me in my 15 years of longarm quilting, it is nearly impossible to accomplish this very difficult and extremely stressful situation. 
    I would contact customer and ask her to provide you with larger backing fabric that is at a minimum 8" wider and  8" longer than the quilt top. 
    My job is to quilt the customer's quilt without pulling my hair out... it's not my job to perform miracles due to the failure of the customer to provide ample backing fabric. IMHO. 
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    Debi reacted to LisaC in Sew Tweet Finally Complete!   
    Sew Tweet, a  pattern by Chitter Chatter Designs. I hand appliqued and embroidered the blocks in 2014; along with completing the top. Finally this year, I free motion quilted it on my Mille. This was a very fun project began by me and Lisa E. in 2014.  It was my first attempt at embroidery; I was so blessed my Mother used to do all my embroidery, but she has since passed away. The blue birds remind of Cinderella birdies!!

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    Debi reacted to dlnewell in Here's what I've been working on this summer...   
    It's been a while since I posted.  Here are some customer quilts I had the privilege to work on.  The Hawaiian quilt is one that I made for a guild program I came up with "Faux Hawaiian Quilts".
    Unfortunately I put a couple in twice and can't figure out how to delete from the post.  If you go to my flickr account you can see a few more pics of customer quilts.  I had removed most of my photos several months ago when I'd read that flickr had been taken over by someone else and we wouldn't "Own" our photos anymore.  Well, I just uploaded to flickr a few of what I've quilted recently.  Hope you enjoy the eye candy.  Thankfully I'm a better quilter than photographer.
    this is a memory quilt I made for a friend from some of her mother's clothing
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    Debi reacted to LeannM in "Flight Path" is finally done!   
    Millie and I finally finished this queen size quilt for OUR bed!  Completely free motion without the use of computers is how I work.....I've dubbed it "Flight Path" because of all those flying geese!!!!  Sew happy!

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    Debi reacted to SWall in Luminary   
    Finished my ‘alison glass sew Luminary quilt kit by Jamie Swanson’ 42” x55”. I had to chuckle when I showed my son the quilt... he wanted to know where the rest of the quilt was 
    it was an interesting project as the star is created by cutting fabric strips of varying widths, sewing these together in color ways and then cutting those strips into random widths - diagonally and straight, sewing those together and then cutting diamonds and finally sewing the diamonds together. And then hoping you made the correct color selections etc to make sure you got the rainbow effect. 
    it was a fun project  

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    Debi reacted to quiltmonkey in Squaring Up Wonky Quilt   
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    Debi reacted to quiltmonkey in Finished this one a few days ago...   
    So... with me taking some time off during the holidays, I had a "stay-cation" and I a few days ago, I finished another beauty. It's a pattern designed by Judy Niemeyer called Paradise in Bloom. This one is pieced by one of my most favorite customers. She is amazing. She's 80 years old, she lives in Castle Rock Colorado and she sends me all of her (absolutely impeccably pieced) quilts to finish for her. It truly is my honor and joy to be part of this project. She is in the hospital right now, so I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. Love and prayers to my special friend, Sonja ....

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    Debi reacted to sewingpup in Keeping the top and batting off of the floor   
    I do not fully float my top....but what I did for my batting to keep it off the floor was to take an old queen sized top sheet...fold it in half....attache a "tie" to each corner....then tie the ties to the end supports of my table....this makes a sort of sling underneath my machine....and I just toss the end of the batting into that to keep it off the good....and totally free as my sheet was an old one....and my "ties" where actually selvage edges trimmed off of backing.....oh...and I buy batting on a roll....I only quilt for myself so a roll last a I handle that is that I had an old shower curtain rod.....that I put in the center of the batting roll....and the rod is suspended between two slat backed dining room chairs.....easy peasy to switch out the batting rolls on the shower rod.....and I found an old piece of trim that was long enough to lay across the batting roll....I measure out the amount of batting.....then take that trim piece, lay on top of the batting roll in the right spot and use a chalk marker to make a line....then I use a long scissors to cut of the piece of was a no cost invention....tee hee.....Lin
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    Debi reacted to Quilting Heidi in Just saying hi!   
    Hi All,
    It has been so long since I've been on the forum.  I don't get much computer time these days.  I keep my daughter's twins who are now 16 months old!!!!  No idea where that time went.  For all my old friends that followed Landon's story, he is doing great!  It has now been 1 year since he had his open heart surgery and he is thriving.  He is such a little charmer.  He will probably still need more surgery but for now we are so thankful for how well he is doing.  Scarlett is doing wonderfully too.  They both have brought so much joy to our family.  Most days I'm crazy busy chasing them around.  We finally moved into our new home 11 months ago and my studio is set up.  I haven't gotten a ton of quilting time in but hoping in the new year I will be able to get at it again.  We just built a baby cave for the babies and they can play while I sew and quilt.  I've had it up just over a month and oh it is a little bit of heaven for them and for me!  Once the craziness that surrounds the Christmas season I'll have time to focus on my quilting again.  I hope all of you are doing well.  Just wanted to say hi.
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    Debi reacted to harcathy in Baby gift   
    Made this little quilt for baby shower gift for a coworker. I’m new to ruler work and am pleased with the result. Just needs binding 

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    Debi reacted to dbams in Ribbon for Rita's Quilt!   
    Hello Everyone,
    Yesterday, I received a package from Himself (a.k.a. RitaR's husband, Roland).  Imagine my surprise when I found a ribbon and evaluation form, along with a letter from Roland.  Here is what he had to say:
    Dear Betsy,
    Pray you and your family had a joyful and present Thanksgiving.  Mine was enjoyable, spent with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids.
    Our quilt guild was in need of more quilts for our quilt show, so decided to enter the one you gals made for Rita.  I was using it on the bed.
    It won a ribbon, so I'll send it on to you.  I'm enjoying looking at it and reading the writing on it.
    I thank you gals again for making the quilt.  She enjoyed when she first saw it, and was wanting to see it again later, but just never got up the strength to do it.
    Pray you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Rita's quilt won second place!  I had tears in my eyes when I saw the ribbon and read Roland's letter.  Wasn't that nice of him to send that for all of us to see?
    I know this was a group project, but I hope no one minds if I keep the ribbon.  I never expected to have a quilt with my work win anything, and this means a lot to me.

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    Debi reacted to Gator in Superior Bottom Line   
    Glad you discovered the problem.  I think we are as bad at looking at the manuals as men are at asking for directions. 
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    Debi reacted to Quilta93 in Cross quilted banner finished.   
    I don't know why my whole post didn't appear above. Maybe it was too long.
    Thank you Lynn for the suggestion of not crossing the seam lines and the use of Superior SoFine in a matching color. (More thread added to my collection. ) I was thinking of quilting wavy, lines as you suggested, but decided to draw straight lines that ended up about 1" apart at the edges of the quilt. Also thank you for the suggestion to quilt flames.
    Thank you Lora and AnnP for a the suggestion about swirls in the flames. I decided to just do flames, as I'm not comfortable adding swirls to them yet. I did do SID around the piecing. I need more practice!
    Thank you Cagey for the link to the tutorial on quilting wood grain.
    When I was finished with the quilting, the cross was puffy and there was a large pucker on the back. I looked up how to block a quilt (which I had never done) in some older posts. I purchased a new toy, suggested in some of the posts. It is a laser level square. It worked quite well, and the pucker on the back disappeared, which surprised me.
    The banner is hanging in our parish hall.
    I am very pleased with how it turned out and the religious ed teachers were amazed.
    I have learned so much from this forum. Thank you!!
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    Debi reacted to ffq-lar in Stymied!! Quilt finished New Photo   
    Scrolls. Hoping you can see the triple curls in each section.
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    Debi reacted to Laura Farnham in Vintage Linen,......   
    Needed to take a break and do something for me,...  so loaded this little linen last night and played,...
    I tried a couple new things to see how it would turn out,..... 
    Layered the piece on silk to see how it would play together and I really liked the framing effect,...
    then,  instead of Batting,... I used the the foam liner,...  I believe it is called Bosal Foam or Soft and Stable Foam
    (The stuff used to line bags and purses} 
    Wanted to see how my Milli would handle it and I was pleased with the results...
    It gave the piece some defined texture,... but was not bulky in any way,....
    Did not have to adjust tension and it quilted super easy,...... 
    I think I am going to be working with this stuff a lot in the future!..... 
    I am attaching a couple pics of the piece,... and one of the back,..... 
    I used a black cloth for the back,... Just a piece I had in a pile of linens,...
    the black came off on my hands as I handled the piece,.... and it changed the color
    of my Thread,... I used Glide,... in White,...  but it stitched almost a pale grey blue,....
    I like how it played with the piece,... so just kept stitching,..... 
    Sometimes it is just fun to PLAY and try new things,..... 
    Always something new to learn!!! 
    Thanks for looking,......
    Happy Quilting,....

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    Debi got a reaction from Beachside Quilter in APQS or Handiquilter   
    I had a Handiquilter Avante for 5 years and put over 28 million stitches on it without any problems. I sold it and upgraded to a Mille in 2014.  My dealer for Handiquiter was less than an hour away as is an APQS dealer.  I chose to go with my Mille because I wanted a machine that could handle the quilting I do  and one that I could fix myself and not have to possibly ship it back to the factory when there is a major problem.  Service and support with APQS is excellent.  Regarding bobbins I have had M style in both machines, wind my own bobbins and adjust very little in my tension unless I change thread types, then a little tweaking works.  Either machine may be prefect for you but service from the factory is better with APQS than it was with Handiquilter for me.
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    Debi reacted to T Row Studio in Needle turn applique Masterpiece   
    Hello this is a needle turn applique piece my customer wanted me to finish for her she requested 
    to SID around all the sashing pieces as well around the applique. add a curvey design in the blocks
    around the applique and add a feather border. This piece is 50"x 50" and took me 10 hours to freehand long arm quilt it.
    Thanks for looking and have a great Wed.

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    Debi reacted to delld in My fingers hurt   
    You may remember this quilt a couple of weeks ago. Phyllis came by and asked it I would show her how to stitch the binding on. Said okay and showed her, Then she says, " My Love, would consider doing it for me?' Well I said I would machine stitch and she could hand stitch it the back. Well working here with Quilt Path and watching to make sure QP and Frannie Ann were working well together, I stitched by hand. Phyllis is coming to pick it up this afternoon. She has no idea the binding is DONE!!!!!  Yep, my finger hurts cause I just can't use a thimble!!!!
    20160907_095757 by Dell Dunman, on Flickr
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    Debi reacted to Sheagatzi in Tula Pink Butterfly Quilt   
    Hi everyone...I'm trying not be as addicted to this forum as I once was but I really love this quilt that I recently quilted and wanted to share.  I have really stepped up and challenged myself to go more into custom work.  I have a blog post that is pic heavy with more details of my quilting, but here is a snapshot.   This is The Butterfly Quilt by Tula Pink.  The piecer did unbelievable fussy cutting and piecing and so it made it even more fun to quilt.   

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    Debi reacted to loraquilts in UTILITY SCAM ALERT -- Do not ignore   
    Hello all,  I just wanted you to be aware of a scam that I almost fell for. 
    Last Friday I received a call on my business phone from someone claiming to be from my local utility's disconnection department.  He stated that as a courtesy, he was informing me that he had received orders to disconnect my utility service today.  He then gave me a phone number to call to "settle my account" and avoid disconnection.  The phone number is 888-324-2775 x204 or x 205. 
    I called the number and spoke to "Mike" who informed me that unless I paid the past due balance, my utility service would be terminated today.  After repeatedly telling "Mike" that I am current on my bills, did not receive any kind of late notice or shut off notice, and that there must be an error on his part, he was no help.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to "Kevin" who gave me the same run-around.  Using my fiancé's phone, I informed "Kevin" that looking at my bank account, I could see that the payments were made as a direct draw from the utility company's website.  He "reviewed" my account and stated that it appeared the funds had been applied to the wrong account.  He could turn the matter over to the claims department and they would review my case, but that would take three business days.  Unless I cleared the passed due amount, my utilities would be shut off today -- the truck was already in route.  The passed due balance was nearly $2000 and the minimum amount due was close to $1500, which had to be paid within the next 45 minutes to avoid disconnection. 
    I won't bore you with the hour and a half "discussion" I had with this man, but suffice it to say that I was in a little bit of a panic that my utilities were going to be shut off.  I decided to go ahead and pay the minimum amount due because I couldn't afford to lose five days with no utilities.  Ugh!  heavy sigh.  I told "Kevin" that I would go to the local utility office and pay the amount. 
    He told me that I could do that, however, since the payments take 24 hours to register in the system, my utilities would still be cut off and when reconnected, I would have to pay a reconnection service fee.  By this point, I was beside myself. 
    He told me that he could divert the truck to another house and that would give me time to make the payment.  In order for the payment to be processed immediately, I would have to purchase two RELOADIT cash cards at the Vons that was near me.  He even knew exactly which isle of the Vons had the cards and where they were displayed.  I was to purchase several cards to get to the amount I needed to pay and then call him with the numbers on the back of the card so that he could call the driver and stop the disconnect. 
    After I got off the phone with him, I called the utility company.  I did not have any past due balance and my account was in good standing.  There was no disconnect notice issued.  This was a scam!  My utility company told me that they knew of this scam and that the scammers focused primarily on small business owners and some residential customers. 
    Red Flags I should have noticed....
    1.  When first called they asked if this was the number to Morrow Fabric Services, my business name.  I do not have my utilities registered in the business name because I operate out of my home.  When I asked about that, the caller simply said, "Oh yes, I see that you run your business out of your residence."  How would he know that???
    2.  I always pay my bills on time and through the utility company's electronic website to ensure that they are applied directly to my account.
    3.  I never received a late notice or a disconnect notice either in the mail or on my door.
    4.  After acknowledging that the utility company had misapplied my payments, it could still not stop the disconnect order.
    5.  I couldn't pay for any late payments at a valid utility company location due to the processing time.
    6.  He knew my current location.  He used GPS tracking on my phone and new which supermarket was closest "to my current location".  He knew that I was not home, that I was driving, and that I was not near a computer and therefore could not verify any of the information (or so he thought -- I used my fiancé's phone).
    7.  Biggest red flag of all -- the payment had to be made via cash cards.  He wouldn't take a credit or debit card.
    NEVER pay for anything with a cash card.  NEVER give the cash card number to anyone.  Once you have done so, your money is gone and you CANNOT get it back! 
    Fortunately for me, I did not purchase the cash cards or give the caller any money.  His scam almost worked.  The elaborate details included in the scam were very convincing.  I was in a panic at the thought of having my utilities off for nearly a week until someone "reviewed my case". 
    According to my utility company, these scammers focus on small business owners and some residential customers.  I know many of you operate your quilting business out of your home and just wanted you to be informed of this elaborate scam. 
    Please share with everyone you know.  I would hate to see these scammers successfully swindle anyone out of their hard earned cash. 
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    Debi reacted to Oma in Better than diamonds   
    Yesterday Mike (DH) wanted to take me out to breakfast. I told him what I really wanted was to have my drawers from Ikea put together. Well, he made me breakfast. He worked all day to get the drawers put together and he took me and Makayla (GD) to Carl Jr's for dinner (she only had 30 minutes before she had to be at work). I told him this was better than a pair of diamond earrings.  It was a great Mother's Day.
    I got them at Ikea...a five hour round trip for us.  I bought six of the shorter ones and two taller ones.  Some went into my office and the others went under my longarm.  I planned for five under there, but I forgot I had an electrical receptacle put in the floor and of course, it's right in the way of the fifth cabinet.  I found another place for it and it looks great. The picture only shows three cabinets, but there is actually four under there.  I left the wheels off of these because they were a tad too tall.  I could have raised my longarm, but this was simpler.   
    Last week I got rid of my large ironing board and replaced it with this nice cabinet.  Then I recovered my big rectangle wooden ironing board top and look how good it looks.  So much more functional than sitting on top of the ironing board.  I have a place to put all my ironing stuff out of site.  Yay!
    Now I really need to get it straightened up and organized so I can start sewing again.
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    Debi reacted to Leida Glez in Gorjuss, gorjuss and more gorjuss... gift for a girl eight years old   
    This time I used the quilt path, and free-motion quilting. It's a birthday gift for a girl eight years old.

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    Debi reacted to T Row Studio in This about sums it up   
    This about sums up my life how about You
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    Debi reacted to Mary Beth in In a rut!   
    Coming form someone who had it!! Me. I bought my Millie in 2004, I quilted for 5 years, then I blew a gasket. I went back to work because our health insurance through my husband's job was out the roof. Also, we sat down and figure up how much an hour I was making at quilting, and it was poverty wages. After I went to work, I decided to quilt for 3 of my favorite customers, and leave it at that. One dropped me because her granddaughter wanted a side job, so she bought her a quilting machine. The second one, I called when my mom had the stroke, and told her what had happened. I had a quilt of hers that she wanted to enter into the fair, the next summer, so like almost 1 year away. She was fine with that and insisted that my mom was more important. Then she called me a week later wanting to know if my quilt was done. I reminded her that is was not and why. Two week later, I took a couple of days off work to dedicate to working on her quilt, and her daughter-in-law called and left a message wanting to know why the quilt was not done and where was it, yada-yada. That was my breaking point. I called my customer and asked why she had her dil call me. I told her she was my customer and I would no discuss our business with her family. Then I told her I would be right over with the quilt. I had one border done. I had stencil marks all over the quilt. I had batting attached. I was so mad my voice was shaking. When she came to the door, she invited me in. I loved this woman. She was elderly and probably the best piecer I have ever seen. Her quilts were edgy. Anyway, I did not go in. I just shoved the quilt through the door at her. She told me she would pay me for the batting. I told her to just take it. I was so mad. She said that she hoped it didn't hurt our friendship. I really did like her, and I wish I had not gotten so blown out of the water about it....but I did. Then I went home and paced. Then I sold everything. EVERYTHING!!! I bagged up 7 trash bags full and donated it to charity. Wish I had some of that back, lol. It was all my breaking point. 
    I say all of that, to say this. Please, take a step back. If you have quilts to get done now, just do what you can, then take a break. Do something for yourself. Schedule a massage. Get your hair done. Get a mani and pedi. Buy a new outfit. Get out of the studio and enjoy some nature. Start taking walks every day, no matter how many quilts are waiting or need to be finished yesterday. Make "ME" time. 
    I have learned so much during my break from quilting. Here they are:
    1. If you sell your machine, it is 100 times harder to talk your husband into buying another one 
    2. Customer's are demanding, and want everything for nothing. I work at a GPS company in Customer Service. We have customers call in wanting new accessories for devices that are 10 years old. I have had to learn to say "no" and they are okay with that. 
    3. When I first went to work in public, I hated telling the customers, "the price is..." . Sometimes I felt it was way too high. You know what, that was the price, they could take it or leave it. 
    4. My time is valuable. I am a trained professional, who deserves to be paid for my job. 
    Please don't let customers make you feel bad about how much you charge. 
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    Debi reacted to Quilting Heidi in NQR newest granddaughter   
    I'm happy to announce the birth of our third granddaughter, Anabelle Marie, born today at 4:24 am.  7.5 lbs, 19" long.  She is perfect in every way.  She has the longest fingers and a ton of hair!  She is most comfy with her hand holder her face.  LOL  We are truly blessed and so thankful that God would give us such a precious gift!