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  1. Yes, I launder unbound quilts whenever there is a specific measurement that is needed (like an edge-to-edge table topper). I make the quilt oversized, then "finish" the outer raw edges with a fairly long zig zag stitch. I trim off the excess batting and backing, then launder the unbound quilt on whatever the maximum water temperature and the maximum dryer temp a customer might use (usually "warm"). The idea is to get all the shrinkage over with. If the binding yardage has not been laundered, it should also accompany the quilt (you don't want unlaundered binding to shrink after applying
  2. I'm now using the "Peek-a-boo" on my George (new enough to already have a split shaft), and I love the added visibility! I rarely use ruler guides.
  3. Lovely quilting! My husband made a wooden platform that served as steps/supply storage/seating for our spa. I upholstered it with marine vinyl, but felt that the base of the seat needed a little bling, so I quilted the marine vinyl (and batting) with a vining leaf. A little strange to quilt on, but almost anything can benefit from a little quilting!
  4. Happy quilting, Jean! Hope you enjoy your George as much as I do mine!
  5. You should be very proud to complete the group's challenge with such a lovely quilt!
  6. Thanks to all for their compliments and comments, and I will forward them all along to my mother. I am definitely blessed to have a wonderfully healthy, active, and supportive parent who also makes a terrific quilting buddy. There is definitely extra love sewn into every stitch! Yes, it probably did take extra time on the sit-down George, but allocating space for a stand-up large frame is an issue for me. I've also been a full-time quilter on my DM for a lot of years, and the transition to George wasn't very painful. Now that I feel fully adjusted to him, its like heaven!
  7. My 83-yr old mother pieced this top (April-November 2012), and I had the honor of quilting it on my George (Nov-Jan 2013). This is a Sue Garman designed BOM that my mom added borders onto so it would fit her twin beds when pushed together. All finished and laundered, it measures 100" x 122". I used W&N batting and Superior thread (Bottom Line & Magnifico).
  8. Welcome, Betty! As a new George owner 6-mo ago, I found lots of great inspiration and advice within this forum as well as telephone support from APQS when needed. Enjoy!
  9. Thank you, all, for not only your comments in this post but for all those other topic comments that have helped me adjust to new life with George. We've been together for almost 6 months but I'm even happier now than I was the day he arrived! Funny, but I love the fact that the on/off switch is located behind the machine. Its easy enough to reach, but it means I have to give George a little hug each morning and each night just to show him some appreciation for a job well-done! As Diane said, "Isn't it fabulous when the final product exceeds your expectations." How absolutely true! I hel
  10. George and I are still in the "honeymoon phase", but I think he's truly won my heart! This week I finished a king bedspread 120" x 112" and cannot keep from hugging him. Just wanted to share what he helped me accomplish!
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