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  1. Hi Cagey. I have been using a Shape Cut ruler for years and I love it. It is the same idea as the Stripology ruler with the slots. I was skeptical at first, thinking it wouldn't be accurate, but I was pleasantly surprised. It really saves time. I do find that the plastic around the slots can be a bit wobbly so I use another ruler on top to stabilize the one I'm cutting against. You don't have to line up the ruler with the slot exactly, just slide it along top as you go to hold it in place. Not sure if that makes sense. My Shape cut is getting a bit worn and I have been thinking of replacing it. When I do, I'll probably go with this one. I like the 45 and 60 degree lines on it. My Shape Cut doesn't have those. As for folding the fabric again, the trick there is to make sure the folds are parallel to each other. if they are not, you'll get bends in your strips where the folds are. They are pricy but I don't think you'd regret getting this ruler. Melissa (who is excited to be able to contribute to a topic for a change instead of just asking questions all the time. Lol)
  2. I think it is fixed!! Oh my gosh I'm so excited! I finally got to the hardware store for the 5/64 Allen wrench. I just loosened the set screw, pulled the whole assembly out of the machine, turned it so the bottom of the little hook was at 10:00 and the straight part at 11:00 (sprung ahead an hour....lol) and when I pull the thread, the spring moves!!! So excited!! haven't powered up the machine yet. We got power back this evening but husband has other stuff plugged in where my machine usually plugs in. I'll have to try it out tomorrow night for a bit if I can squeeze it in. Thanks everyone for your help! Lol I didn't wreck it! what a relief. Now I'll have to wait until a week from Friday to really play with it as I'm going out of town to visit my Quilty buddies for some sewing and lots of laughing. Cagey, I would have to have the generator run AC. Lol I absolutely melt in the heat (and....apparently get cranky according to husby lol). I'd rather be cold. You can always put more on, but you can only take so much off lol. Thanks again for your help!!
  3. Thank you Cagey, Nigel, Jim and Carol for your help. I will definitely order a new check spring just in case. Nigel, yes it springs right back when I push it down. I'm wondering if it just needs to be turned a bit. It looks to me like it is about an "hour" off in position. 9:00 instead of 10. Longarm Daylight Savings maybe? lol. Jim, I will give that a look. I just got the correct Allen wrench to be able to loosen the screw. I haven't been able to do much other than take the tension knob and disks off and look. It didn't seem to be hung up on anything or pinched as Carol suggested. Hmmm maybe the tension is too loose. I can try tightening the top and bottom and see what that does. Great idea to take pictures Cagey! Lol might lessen my nervousness a bit. We've been without power for the past two days. We got a generator and then the furnace is acting up. Always something to get in the way of quilting. Once normalcy is restored, I'll give it another look. Thanks to you all for your help. I truly appreciate it!
  4. No, it doesn't move at all from that spot. That's a good idea to check that way. I will do that. Thank you. I have to say, I haven't needed to do a lot of things to my machine, it just goes when I power it on lol. this will be a first for me taking something apart. lol I'm a little nervous. Thanks again!
  5. Hi Nigel and Cagey, Attached is a pic of my set up. I watched the video and I am threaded properly. I did see that the spring did not move like it did in the video. I tried to attach a video of my machine stitching, but can't get it to attach. This is what it looks like. The spring barely moves when I stitch. I'm guessing that I need to replace the check spring? or is it the whole assembly? Thank you for your help! It is most appreciated.
  6. Hi Everyone, I haven't used my Millie since about March (been a busy year for everything except quilting). I've finally got some time, and a few quilts that need finishing. I cleaned and oiled it, and changed the needle. I was getting loops above and below. After I checked the thread path and fiddled with the tension some, the stitches seem to be ok but I have noticed that my check spring doesn't move when the machine is running. The spring is closer to 10:00 with the spring hook closer to 9:00, and it just stays in that configuration running or not. Since the stitches seem to be ok, I'm going to attempt to make it through the quilt I have loaded, but I know this is something that I can't ignore. Does this mean I need to change the check spring or the tension assembly? For a brief history, I got the machine in 2012 from a friend of mine who kept up with maintenance. She only quilted for herself and didn't do a lot of quilts per year and I only do about 4 or so quilts a year (and that might be overestimating...). I've had it serviced by Dave Jones about every other year (since I don't use it a lot, that is what he suggested). Thanks so much once again for your help.
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