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  1. Has any one used QBOT by Butler on the APQS machines. I can not afford $9,000 or $10,00 I have been trying to find a used IQ with no luck. I have an injured left shoulder and it is very painful to use my machine . thanks for any information Baarb
  2. I have the Bliss system and the Freedom Machine Just do not have the money for a new one. My son passed away 3 weeks ago and we are paying for the funeral H e had no insurance.
  3. would like to purchase a used IQ . does anyone have one for sale? Barb
  4. Has anyone used Schemetz needles in there machine and how did they work? Barb
  5. Thank you to everyone who replyed. I have ordered 2 of the dvds. Will probably order more Barb
  6. I am a nedwbie and would like to know if there are any good DVDs or vidiows on how to use my machine. I have an APQS Freedom. It is over 4 hours to get lessons. I know the basics but would like to know how to use templates. I am not thriled with panograms.