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  1. Have you tried slowing your speed down a little?
  2. I know this is old, but did you sell your Machine?
  3. The table is in pieces. The poles are not. I went through the basement window to get mine in.
  4. If that is the machine in California, that's a great looking machine. They didn't even mention that it's on the new style table with fabric advance. It could be upgraded to Bliss if you wanted to. The needle positioned allows you to raise the needle or lower it in a single stitch. Also great if you add a computer later. The packing grease is a maintenance for noise reduction. Easy to use if needed. I think this is a 20" machine so be sure that is ok for you. If I were closer I would be adding it as a second machine.
  5. I bought a box of fifty aluminum from Ngosew on eBay. Really inexpensive and haven't had one single problem. I wind with a turbo winder.
  6. You need to get the Texas Hold-m from the APQS store or make your own.
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