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    jgardog got a reaction from bhromyak in 2011 Innova for sale - REDUCED PRICE   
    Does that have the Lightning Stitch Regulator?
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    jgardog reacted to Sheri Butler in 2002 milli   
    one gal sold a 2004 for 6,000, included was an expanded base, bobbins, thread, books, pantos and she tossed in free training on the machine!
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    jgardog reacted to Mary F in 2007 Millennium 14 ft table - storm sale   
    2007 with 14 foot table - private use - maybe 10-12 quilts per year in a good year.  We had a tornado in March of this year.  The machine turns on, and seems to run, but I have not tried to quilt on it.  One section of the plexiglass on the table is missing, you will definitely have to replace the canvas.  It is still set up, but will be disassembled in the next 2 weeks or so.  $3500.00, pick up only.  Email with questions.
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    jgardog got a reaction from harcathy in Millennium Throat space   
    Actually I'm done with my brackets and have been using them for a couple of months. Just need to patent.  I can do a 12 inch on point with plenty of from to spare. The biggest panto so far was about 19 inch plus.
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    jgardog got a reaction from quilterkp in Millennium Throat space   
    FYI. I am finishing development of brackets that will gain you two more inches of throat space without needing a Millie 30! More news soon.
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    jgardog got a reaction from KarenH in Computerized quilting   
    Never looked back.  Best decision we ever made.
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    jgardog got a reaction from The Crafty Unicorn in Intellistitch or Bliss?   
    Intelli stitch is getting harder to acquire. I would get it ASAP if we're me. Bliss will be around.
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    jgardog reacted to zeke in Never Used Turbo Winder for sale SOLD   
    Wow, only $25 off. I know you don't want to just give it away, but I'd rather get it from APQS for the retail price. So far you're not motivated enough to sale it. I bought mine here new in the box for $100. Good luck selling your turbo. Zeke.
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    jgardog got a reaction from debraquilts in Intelliquilter vs Quilt Path   
    There is no comparison to an IQ. It is the most user friendly and customer service based system ever. Updates are great and customer input is taken seriously. Zoltan often answers the phone himself. QP is a Grace system and not quite as advanced as the IQ. No Brainer in my book. Worth every penny.
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    jgardog got a reaction from aktbone in Intelliquilter vs Quilt Path   
    There is no comparison to an IQ. It is the most user friendly and customer service based system ever. Updates are great and customer input is taken seriously. Zoltan often answers the phone himself. QP is a Grace system and not quite as advanced as the IQ. No Brainer in my book. Worth every penny.
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    jgardog got a reaction from Marti10245 in Singer Feather Weight 1939   
    After you sell your Featherweight, I will have a couple of 1934 machines and a 1955 222K freearm available. I am clearing out for another embroidery machine. Also a 301 and a 401A.
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    jgardog reacted to sewingpup in Embroidery too??   
    I did embroidery before I got my longarm and I had fun with it but I never got the top of the line embroidery program....some machines now come with a lot already built into the machine...but top of the line embroidery machines can cost more than a brand new Lucey....and then if you want the fancy software add on more $$$.  I paid about $500 for my simple embroidery editing program....but...if you want to do just labels and words, you may get by with a simpler machine and program...the programs do get replaced every few years and to stay up with the latest, you would have to upgrade frequently.....I have my old computer and my old software and am thinking what I should have done was to stop upgrading the old computer and take it off line and just keep on using it with my old embroidery program until the computer goes belly up.  I probably will never buy another embroidery machine again although it is fun and who knows...maybe when I am too old to long arm I may sit in my wheelchair and embroider away!  Lin
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    jgardog got a reaction from JeannieB in Looking for a Charlie Brown, Peanuts, Snoopy Panto   
    Intelligent Quilting has a pattern called Flutter Bird that looks suspiciously like Woodstock!!  Should work fine.
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    jgardog reacted to dbams in SOLD! SOLD! SOLD! 2009 Millennium, JUST REDUCED! Erie, PA   
    I may be wrong, but I believe you can contact APQS for an estimate of your machine's value.  Perhaps that would help you determine if you have the right price on it.
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    jgardog reacted to Studandme2 in For Sale: 12 ft Gammill Classic Longarm Machine   
    12 feet. It's SUPER sturdy and in good shape.
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    jgardog reacted to quiltingmachine in skipping stitches in one direction and fine in another direction help   
    My sewing machine is skipping all stitches in one direction but not the other directions. I tried changing the needle, changing the bobbin, changing the thread, changing the pattern, changing the tension, oiling the machine. I have had my machine in to the dealer 2 times the past few months. I don't know what to do. I have a quilt started for a bride and can't finish it because of the problems. Please, can anyone help me.
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    jgardog reacted to jimerickson in Needle Position in relation to Hopping Foot Opening   
    My guess is that your hopping foot is not properly fitted.  My first thought was that it was bent, but since the open toe one fits the same way, I thing there is something wrong with the mount.  If it were mine, I'd make a shim to fit between the foot and the hopping foot shaft that moves the foot forward enough to center the needle.  Jim 
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    jgardog reacted to Cagey in eyesight   
    I would suggest you speak with you eye doctor before you go to your laser surgeon.  When I spoke with my eye doctor, who has laser folks, on staff she suggested that I not have the surgery.  Except for the eye droop, I have the same type vision issues as you.  You will be changing your contacts for distant vision, for always wearing reading glasses after the surgery.  My doctor told me as I aged, my activities would more than likely change to inside activities.  As I do not need glasses except when wearing contacts.  If your contact prescription has not changed for years, it is simply that your eyes can no longer overpower the contact for near vision.  
    My eye doctor suggested I just go to the drug store and purchase different power reading glasses for my different activities.  You eye doctor can tell you what power level you should use for reading, and for quilting.  It simply depends on the focal length.  Buy a bunch of them, as you will lose them or they will all migrate to one location over time.  You might also have to try different size lenses.  You might find your neck will start to hurt if you have to position your head so you can see through your lenses depending how far down they are on you nose. 
    You might also ask you normal health doctor how they feel about laser surgery.  While the individuals that are pleased with the results out way the ones that are dis-satisfied, I know a few of people from church that have not had good results.  One a close friend had blurred vision for months afterwards, and had to have 3 sessions to correct the problem.  She still has to wear glasses.  Your doctor can probably also recommend who they would go to for the surgery.  As you are playing with your vision, you want to be certain you have the very best doctor possible.
    Hopefully you can find a solution that works for you.  Best of luck.
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    jgardog reacted to Sue E. in Which threads do you have a love/hate relationship with?   
    My "go to" thread right now is Omni. I love it. I have no problems with tension and I like how it looks. It is thicker than So Fine but I have the best luck with it. I also have no problems running Maxi-Lock Swirls. In the past I have had problems with Highlights and Rainbow. I have several cones of King Tut and had no problem with it, but I don't seem to use it very often. I usually run pre-wound bobbins. I was given lots of them by someone who didn't like them and I am still using them up. I also have some BOBs I use. I have used Glide thread only a couple of times and had no problems but the Glide bobbins I bought have thread that is too thick (I'm not in the sewing area so I don't remember which one it is) and I don't like them at all. I need to buy some other Glide bobbins and see how they look and act.
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    jgardog got a reaction from whitepinesquilter in APQS Ultimate II with Intellistitch at Nolting   
    Nolting has an APQS Ultimate II with Intellistitch regulator added on a 10 foot wood table for $6900.  FYI
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    jgardog reacted to s.waits in Advice on a new longarm machine   
    :angry:I hate to hear you are having such problems with your machine. Zeke's solution might be the best you can do in the end, but there are a couple other things I would try first.
    Talk to the dealer you have been working with, and get as much information out of him as you can. Who has he spoken with at the manufacturer, what is their phone number, email address, etc. I would expect to hear that a repair ticket has been opened, or some equivalent. They should have some record of the problems you've been having. Once you've gotten everything you can out of him, contact the company directly. Ask them exactly what they will or will not do, and what expenses they will cover, like shipping. If you're not satisfied with the customer service you get, escalate the call.
    As someone else said, read your warranty carefully. If you don't have a copy of the complete document, request one. Do some research on the company; find their address and the names and addresses of the company's officers (preferably mailing address and email address). Send a letter of complaint to each of them, detailing the problems with the machine and the steps you've taken to resolve them, and ask them to rectify the problem, at their expense.
    If all else fails, do as Zeke suggested and sell the sucker. The amount you get out of it may not be enough to get you into another machine, but it is better than throwing good money after bad.
    Oh yeah, if they don't make you whole again, I would report them to every agency I could think of, like the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Reports, etc.
    Good Luck!
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    jgardog got a reaction from whitepinesquilter in quilting inherited tops?   
    I'm doing a suit sampler from the late 1800s right now.  It's been stored in a trunk for decades.  My Mom was so happy when we got our Freedom that she gave it to me just to see it finished and on display.  Very few of the family have ever seen it or even know it exists.  I just picked a Victorian style backing in black and charcoal and am going to do a modified Fleur-de-lis pattern that would look period correct. Can't wait to finish it.
    JIM & JOHN
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