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  1. Lyn - Thankyou, I was very lucky and had some in the post in 2 days, just in time for the weekend. I was reading about the magna glide, I wasnt sure that they would be suitable for the Ult 1 but I will try them. Dawn - Thank you and I am very greatful for this wonderful site. Mandy - Welcome, you will find some fabulous advise and informaiton on this site. Lyn will be able to assist you with the M&Ms (I ordered mine direct from US before I knew Lyn could assist) You will love them they are fantastic. Everyone - I finally decided no more skipping around the bush and load a top I have had sitting there waiting patiently (no more doggy blankets in the making). It is black and yes alas I found out what bearding is :(Nevermind I said to myself as long as I stook the next step and quitled a real quilt). I have read that hopefully once I wash it it may be ok, but I am not so sure as it is quite bad. I used the bamboo batting as I always do as I love how soft it is and being a renewable natural fibre, but I have never used it wiht black before. I wondered why you could get the wadding in black...Ah well I know for next time. I shall post next week when finished, it doesnt bother me its not perfect as it is my very first quilt from start to finish )
  2. They do move incredibly smooother, I had the composite worn out brown wheels as well, such a difference, but now I have run out of bobbins and need to wait for them in the post. I discovered this weekend the bobbin winder that came with the machine needs some TLC regards Sharz if you cant find me I am in the bat cave quilting
  3. Wow I cant believe how much difference the M & M wheels make. I am over the moon. Hubby put on the new wheels (with my assistance of course) and I watched Amy's video and re - timed my ultimate 1, replaced the bobbin case and rejigged my tension top and bottom and I must say I have a new machine.... I didnt realise how worn the old wheels were until now. The wheels are awesome they make such a difference. My machine is second hand which I bought only 2 months ago for those that don't know and I was quietly a little frustrated as I felt it should be easier to move etc... lots of research, joined the forum asked some questions, checked out some old posts and got some answers.. How cool is that! LOL Thank you Apqs for making such a great machine and providing exceptional (international) customer service, I cant wait to produce my first ever quilt from start to finsh.... regards Sharz
  4. Hi all Has anyone got the red snappers on their frame, do you like the ease promoted by many that use them? If they are a must have how do I find them, I am in Australia but I am willing to hunt overseas.. Let me know what you think Happy quilting
  5. Hi Julie, I am near Phillip Island, a little place called Corinella:)
  6. Sounds like you guys are going to have an awesome time...Enjoy!
  7. sharz

    Ulti 1 rattle noise

    Thanks everyone for all the advice, it does make sense as I am ordering any ways. This is such a helpful site. I actually remember now the previous owner telling me about oiling the hook which I haven't yet Thanks for reminding me. I will let you know if it fixes the noise (makes sense) Lyn I will be in touch at some stage for a chat. I am missing the AMQF festival this month so I booked myself into a Kaleidoscope quilt class on Saturday, cant wait they look awesome. Thanks everyone
  8. sharz

    Ulti 1 rattle noise

    hmm I just read another post and learnt about the grease behind the hook. Is this something I need to keep my eye on as it does sound like a lube problem and I have checked my oil wicks and they are moist.
  9. Hi all, I have found the forums very helpful thank you;) My Ultimate 1 (I call her Nancy) is new to me but a 2002 model. I am about to order M & M wheels from America, I am in Australia. I thought before I order I would try and find out if it was normal for the machine to make a kind of rattle sound on start up as if something is loose. I can t really explain it any other way. It is a sound I have heard similar before in a normal machine however seems exaggerated and I am not sure if I am just not used to the larger machines. It doesn't sound healthy to me but is sewing fine apart from a flat, dragging turning spot caused by a sick wheel hence why I am ordering the M & M's. Should I order some bushes and possibly a couple of other items to be sent over with my M&M wheels to have on hand in case anything goes wrong. What does everyone else think?
  10. Thank you very much Lyn I will contact tracey after the show. For all you that are going to the AMQF, have lots of fun, I am not going I left it too late and now I cant justify the airfares I shall put it on my list for next year It is frustrating as long arm quilting in Australia is not an easy class to find anywhere as there seems to be very few. I love the look of handcrafters house in WA (check it out if you dont already know it), I wish I had a shop like that near me in Vic
  11. Oh gosh Sandra, that would be letting the cat out of the bag now wouldn't it:D:P I have just been doing some investigating on the laser routers and I feel a xmas pressie coming on with an agenda
  12. Great advice there linda I have to butter him up now and make him think he wants to do it, not me asking him to do it LOL:P:D
  13. Thank you Lyn and everyone else. I cant wait to get M & M wheels I am also happy to meet some quilters in Australia. Living remotely makes it awkward to attend classes and I do most of my fabric shopping on line to save the time in travel, a girlfriend has invited me to a patchwork class on Saturday so that will be fun discovering all the bad habits I have LOL as I am self taught.
  14. Hi I was wondering has anyone had there hubby make some up? I am tempted to ask him to make some using the router:)