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  1. I love this and I have one of those in my house in my kitchen for spices! Never thought about one for thread but I am going to have one. Thanks for the great idea!
  2. I have the shark rocket stick vacuum and love it. In fact I have one for my quilt studio and also one for my house. It is not cordless but I still love it.
  3. I am also looking for a new iron. I purchased an Oliso and loved it but that didn't last long. It quit heating after about 3 months. I have had the steam generator ones and also loved them while they worked. I have decided that the best thing is to never put water in an iron as that is what kills them. I use the Best Press a lot and love the results. Thanks for all the info. I love this blog.
  4. I have a lot of the r n s design boards and love them. They are easy to use and the finished quilts are beautiful. They have sales pretty often and I try to buy then. I also buy 4 or 5 of each pattern but you can piggy back them if you buy less. I think you would be pleased with these boards.
  5. I do a lot of t-shirt quilts and I do a large meander or a swirlz panto. I don't have any problem with doing them at all.
  6. I have the saddle stool and Precise Panto System and sit and quilt with this all the time. It is so much better on the body than standing all the time. I think this will help you a lot. I would go nuts if I couldn't quilt so try and I am sure it will benefit you. Hope this works.
  7. Looks awesome! I am jealous of all the organization, I love my space just wish I could get it organized and clutter free. Hope you enjoy your wonderful space.
  8. I had someone call me wanting me to clean her domestic machine and she told me the cat had peed on it and I told her I wasn't touching that machine. One thing I cant stand as I am allergic to them.
  9. Not sure but I would think that you could. I had a cd that came with mine when I bought it from an individual.
  10. I hope someone responds to this that knows where we can get one of these as I would like one too. Have thought about the circlelord one but pricy.
  11. I like my saddle stool even at my DSM. I can sew for long periods of time and my back doesn't hurt. Give it a try.
  12. I went to Lowes today and picked one up. I have not had time to go out to the quilt studio as I cooked dinner for my kids and grandkids. I will check it out first thing in the morning.
  13. I also love QPQS. I had a problem just last week with my machine and made a call to them and Amy helped me right over the phone. They are so helpful and seem to know all the answers and I was so glad that my machine was fixed very quick with just a phone call. Thank you APQS!!!!!
  14. I do lots of bindings on my regular sewing machine and I personally think they look great. I sew the binding to the back and flip over and sew to the front. I have given some classes on how to put the binding on also. I will take some pics tomorrow and put on here so you can see.
  15. I have done lots of photo quilts and I personally think that the pictures need some stitching in them. If you leave all the pictures without stitching it just looks tacky to me.
  16. That is so exciting and I know how you feel. Years ago we needed a new garage and the only way I would agree to it was if I could have an upstairs for my studio. I had sewing and quilting stuff all over our house. My husband finally agreed and I got an 18 foot by 30 foot room. I am very blessed to have the space and love getting to do what I love. I hope everything goes great while you are transforming this space.
  17. I agree with all above. I make a lot of these and when someone calls and tells me the size then I give them a price and if they want it done they pay the price otherwise someone else can do it. We all put a lot of time into our work. A good friend of mine wanted to make 2 for her grandkids and they are almost like my grandkids to me. I helped her do the first one and she was amazed at how much time there was in making one. Just yesterday she bought my lunch and helped me fuse the interfacing to one I am working on. She told me she appreciates all I do for her and wants to help me any way she can. She is just getting into quilting and since I just retired in on Jan.1 she loves to come to my studio to quilt with me and I love having her.
  18. My machine uses the M bobbin and I love it. My previous machine used the L one. I love that I don't have to change bobbins as often and I use mostly prewounds.
  19. My quilting friend had her husband to make us a ruler holder but just doesn't hold enough so I am going to use the idea with the 2x6 and make me a new one. Love that it will hold so many in one place.
  20. I love how you compared the two and I am the quilter and love it!
  21. I have Daves lights and absolutely love them. Like you I was always quilting in the dark before but not now. You will never regret getting them.
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