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  1. Hi Friends, I don't post a ton on the Forum but have read quite a bit of the threads for over the past 2 years. I mostly speak when I need someone to speak back at me answering a trouble shooting question. I am a part time quilter as unfortunately I have a full time job but love every minute I get to spend in the studio. Once upon a time I read a thread about the backing fabric, while already loaded on the machine and after the quilt was almost done quilting the quilter realized it was too short!! Yikes who could ever load a backing fabric knowing it was too short! Didn't you measure twice? Well I was certain that this thread that I read could NEVER pertain to me because I carefully measure all of the backings and I would never need to refer to that thread again! (lol) Moral of the story - don't be so sure of yourself.......(lol) Measure twice! And thank you to all of you wonderful quilters that have ran short of backing fabric and not realizing it until you were almost done! I learned a lot from all of you. I promise I will never do that again! Much Respect Patrice xoxoxoxo
  2. Hi its me again and I have one more question for all of you experts out there. I own a Millie and have only the original hopping foot (closed high profile). Considering purchasing the others. I do freehand and ruler work but also own an IQ and do computer work as well. In your opinions do you change your feet frequently? What are your favorite feet? Thanks for your advice. Warm Regards,
  3. Hi Friends, Curious to know how many of you have a hydraulic lift on your machines. I do not but am considering purchasing one. I have the table set at where I think its comfortable but wouldn't know any different because I never change the height because its such a process. Thinking that the lift will assist with the ease of adjusting the height based on my needs at the time. Do those of you with the hydraulic lifts utilize them? Once you find your comfort zone do you change it often? If so, why? Thanks for your feedback and comments. Warm Regards, Patrice
  4. Hi Friends, I was tacking down my thread and I believe the bottom thread caught around the hook assembly and now my needle won't go down or up and I believe that there is a thread caught. Typically I can get the thread out myself if this happens - this time I can't. Please assist. Thanks Patrice
  5. When I use Glide pre-wounds I typically just have to pull a couple of yards out before I load. Tension on the first couple of yards is tight and once I release those couple of yards from a brand new bobbin I'm good to go with typically very nice tension. Just my two cents worth.
  6. Hi Friends, Do any of you use the Horizontal Spool Holder on your machines. I do not have one and have only used threads that are on cones. Anyone have any experience with this. Is it worth ordering and utilizing? I looked through the website and don't even see a picture of how one would install this should I purchase it or what the thread path would be. Thoughts are welcome. Thanks All! Patrice
  7. I have been also looking for how to mount my laser light on the front of my machine. Zeke can you provide me instructions on how you mounted that? Thanks so much!
  8. Hi Friends, I typically use Glide Thread because I love it so! I have many large spools in all sorts of colors. I changed the thread today to a small spool of Glide without adjusting the tension - I just did my typical tie off and pulled the thread through. The tension on this smaller spool of glide was so ridiculously tight almost to the point where I thought it would break. I changed back to the white, did not adjust the tension again (was experimenting) did the tie off and the thread and tension was fine. Could Millie not like small spools?? (lol) Has anyone had issues with the smaller spools of glide and tension issues? Just curious as I thought this was so strange. Thanks Friends, Warm Regards, Patrice p.s. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone - I hope you all have a blessed day with family and friends.
  9. Hi Friends, Was sewing ohhhh so nicely with perfect tension and now this!!! (see the photos) I changed the needle, I cleaned the machine, my bobbin tension seems to be perfect and I've tried everything. The top thread is skipping stitches every couple of inches or so. I'm using Glide thread. Any thoughts? Thanks Friends, Patrice
  10. I'm going too!!!! My very first time! I'm counting the days as well! Can't wait for all of my classes!!
  11. Hi Friends, I have a quilt that I want to try cross-hatching (for the very first time) The area that I will be cross hatching goes beyond my throat area on the Millie. I have attached a picture of the quilt - I was thinking that I should cross-hatch the white section that surrounds the "O" ??? Questions: What is the best way to achieve this. How do I start and stop a line that goes beyond the throat? What tools can assist with helping me to keep these lines straight? Should I mark first? Thanks Friends, Looking forward to all of your brilliant responses! Warm Regards, Patrice
  12. Hi Friends, I have a photo quilt that I need to quilt - does anyone have any inspiration on how you would quilt one of these? I am reluctant to quilt on top of the pictures but would appreciate any advice/thoughts on how you have done this. Thanks Patrice
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