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  1. looking for handles for the ken quilt 622 for that can be used front and back...have not figured out how to use this forum. I love my machine so far..I've had it for about a month and am quilting my first quilt as we speak...this machine is making my quilting life so much easier.i have added a picture of the handles im talking about. I use the older singer sewing machines and love them for their abiliyt to sew and keep sewing with out breaking down... and if they do I can manage to fix them for the most part... thanks B
  2. I no that this is off topic but i don't no where to post a new topic. Here goes i'm a newbie and have just gotten a ken quilt 622 and am doing my first quilt on it. I am looking to buy handles for this machine as it would make my work easier to see and do. I do relaize that the companies are out of business so i'm stuck.anyone out there can help me Bonway
  3. I've been quilting for 20+years and use 1940's singer sewing machines...yes machines...1 for the trailer and one built into a sewing cabinet I made. I have a janomie that I use as well. I don't seem to have any luck free motion quilting. the bottom thread is not great and have adjusted it by tention top and bottom. new needles, heavier thread., I seem to be making 30+quilts per year from lap ones to queen size and it i hard doing the lrger ones when the machines are not fmq right. I am looking at a ken quilt 622 to free motion quilt. the price is good and the size looks as well. any tip, reviews, information nd or pointers...have never used one and the owner of the one im going to look at i don t think is very familar wit it either. thank you B