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  1. I live in hot Georgia. My sewing studio is in a bonus room above our garage. After a 5 week trip in our RV we came home to a flooded house. To make a long story short we are now in the demolition mode throughout the main floor. While this is going on the air conditioning has been turned off. Therefore no air in my studio. I’m concerned about the heat there. We are pushing 100 degrees here daily. Will the heat affect my Millie? I do have DampRid in the room to help with the humidity and moisture. Any suggestions? Should I be really concerned about the high temps? Thanks for any information.
  2. I’m going to the fall show also...after going to the Spring one. I’m curious too. I have signed up for an all day class on Friday so I won’t see much of it anyway.
  3. I did mine last night. It wasn’t too hard at all.
  4. Mine just did the same thing. Angie sent me the pdf file also. Going to work on it tomorrow. I’m hoping it is an easy thing. I don’t know how to share the pdf file.
  5. Thanks Jim. The top tension is very tight now but I will try it. Thanks for your advice.
  6. Does anyone know why my machine would be stitching fine on top and most of the stitches on the back are ok. But moving my machine right to left or diagonal the stitches seem to flatline. I’ve tried everything. Tension, new needle, thread. I’m not sure what else to do?
  7. I did check my bobbin case and made sure there was no lint or anything. It pulls out just fine. I do wind my own bobbins all of the time. And I haven’t changed my thread path in forever. I snip the thread off and tie the new thread to it and pull it through and have always done that. I have adjusted the top tension tighter but it never seems to make it much better. Maybe it’s time to talk to APQS. Thanks for your suggestions.
  8. I’m wondering if anyone can help me to a solution on my stitches. My tension seems fine. I have checked on a Towa Gauge. Top thread is Omni (which quilts beautifully on my machine) and Bottom Line in bobbin. New needle, Black Hobbs 80/20 batting. T-shirt quilt. It seems to stitch beautiful on the front but the back looks like half and half stitching correctly. Almost looks like a flatline part of the stitching? Looking for some advice.
  9. Welcome. You will learn a lot from all the talented quilters on this forum. And enjoy your Millie.
  10. Love the quilts. Great job on them. And I’m enjoying seeing some posts with quilts on them. Seems like everyone is selling machines. Oh and the grandbaby is adorable. I have a new one also and quilting does stop when she’s here.
  11. Has anyone made a dust cover for a Millie? I’m thinking mine needs one. If you have can you share pictures and possibly a pattern?
  12. Awww this is awesome for display. Wonderful design and perfect quilting!
  13. Beautiful work! And what a great idea using a vintage piece.
  14. How cute is this! Love it and your quilting really makes it. Thanks for sharing.