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  1. I would love to go and if the good Lord willing will be there. Where does everyone stay? I think after today I really need some classes. When does the list come out?
  2. Will try these suggestions. Didn't know I should warm it up awhile. And since this is new I thought everything should have been tested before it came so I would not have to do any adjustments. Am a little afraid to try "tweaking" it yet. Will let you all know. Thanks so much for helping. I actually went outside on this beautiful northern tier PA day and put my flower beds and gardens to bed for the winter. Now I don't feel so guilty being inside playing with my new Millie!
  3. Well I have my new Mellinnium set up...after a few corrections. Now I have some practice fabric backing and top on the machine with batting. I'm hoping I have it loaded correctly. I watched the CD that was sent and Dawn showing how to load everything. When I push the needed down and up to get the bobbin fabric its very, very slow and acts like its pulling on the motor. Doesn't sound right. And then it locked up and I couldn't get it to do anything. What am I doing wrong? I turned the machine off and then tried it again. I finally got it to come up and then turned on the SR and then the
  4. Is this a show that newbies to longarm quilting should attend. Are there hands on classes?
  5. Oh please continue...this is entertaining. Great story.
  6. Hi all. Thanks for the warm welcome to the APQS family. We have not started putting the machine together yet as we are studying the manual thoroughly...well I am anyway. Tomorrow's a new day. I can't wait to get started. All these suggestions have been great and I am saving them. Queenie and Libby I am in Mansfield. It's about 30 miles south of NY border near Elmira or Corning, NY. North central PA.
  7. I didn't know I could layer new fabric on top of it. Should I get some muslin and batting and practice, practice, practice on that?? I've seen so many great posts on here but with the new forum all my favorites disappeared...so starting over again. Thanks for the encouragement. Its a little scary but I am excited!
  8. I'm fairly new to this Forum and just today my new "Millennium" was delivered to my doorstep. DH and I are going to set it up ourselves. Any advice out there? I'm also wondering what kinds of supplies/things do I need to get started with. APQS sent me a packet of goodies to begin with and it came with a BIG Red bow on the head...thank you APQS. But being new I am trying to absorb and collect any and all advice and information I can get. Thanks. Ann From Pennsylvania
  9. Do we need a humidifier in the room the longarm is in? I'm new and expecting my new baby Millennium tomorrow ! Feeling a little nervous and scared about her...but I'm trying to gather as much information as possible from this Forum. So any advice is welcome!
  10. So how do I save anything to my favorites as we did in the old forum? I seem to have lost all my other faves from the old forum too???
  11. I found it. Thank you so much...I'm learning more each day.
  12. I'm on an iPad and I guess I don't have a control panel but will check on the computer. Thanks.
  13. I'm on an iPad and I guess I don't have a control panel but will check on the computer. Thanks.
  14. I know this is probably a stupid question but how do I find my favorites now that I figured out how to save them?
  15. Ok got it. Thanks. Still learning. :)
  16. I'm a newbie...what is a U2U?
  17. I may be interested in your Hartley Fence and the Circle Lord King sized boards. Can you email me the price? apylinski54@gmail.com
  18. What does everyone think of the Hartley Fence. I am expecting a new "Millie" soon and was looking at optional things I may need or "want" at some point. Can I get some feedback? I am new to this forum. Thanks.